Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Athlete's Profile (9)


Martin Cortvriend

CLUB: Denbigh Harriers (plus Prestatyn RC, second-claim)

ANY PREVIOUS CLOUBS: Stockport Harriers, Buxton AC, Bollington Harriers, Macclesfield Harriers, Clwydian Range Runners

AGE: 61

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COMPETING: Since I stopped playing football 30 years ago - did race no 1,114 last week.


 OTHER HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Growing potatoes, organising fell-races, quaffing pints of ale at the Goldie, Llangynhafal

FAVOURITE RACING DISTANCE: Fell-races that take me about an hour to complete. The worse the weather the better.

 FAVOURITE RACE AND WHY: Caw Fell Race in the Lake District. I competed in this for 7 consecutive years and always did well as I was one of the few runners who could see over the tops of the bracken. Unfortunately they moved the race to earlier in the year before the bracken grew and I lost my advantage

 FAVOURITE TRAINING SESSION: Up to Moel Famau and back

PROUDEST MOMENT: Being selected for Gareth's athlete's questionnaire. There are many clich├ęs in running - "No pain, no gain" and "pride comes before a fall", and I don't fancy falling again. But I am quite proud of our club's endeavours in team events, for a small club we have done very well in cross-country, British Fell Relays and the Castles Relay

 WHOM DO YOU MOST ADMIRE (INSIDE ATHLETICS AND OUT) and WHY: Eddie Naisby (Prestatyn RC) for looking so good running in his late 80s.

 ANY PERSONAL AMBITIONS:  Keeping on running by finding new ways to motivate myself

ANY REGRETS: Je ne regrette rien

ANY EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCES: As a race referee, disqualifying two African runners for going the wrong way in the Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships at Llanberis and then finding out later that I'd been nominated to take them back to their hotel in Llandudno with ther team manager. They were very amiable anout it, though.

WHAT CHANGES (IF ANY) WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN THE SPORT: Not many please. A bit worried about these very expensive mud and rat races with obstacles (e.g. over £100 for a run up Snowdon). I think people are getting ripped off with some of these.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Elidir Race


New mum Andrea Rowlands made a winning return to mountain-running in the Elidir race.

 She finished 22nd overall, just over a minute ahead of Eryri clubmate Ali Thomas.

 Results (all Eryri unless stated): 1 C Near (M40) 62.48, 2 H O'Donnell 63.40, 3 M Fortes 63.59, 4 S Smith 65.48, 5 P Jones (M40) 68.38, 6 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 70.34. M50: 1 G Owen 72.01, 2 S Toogood (ua) 72.30, 3 J Williams 77.35. M60: 1 D Whiteside-Thomas 82.38.
 Ladies: 1 A Rowlands 80.13, 2 A Thomas (L40) 81.47, 3 S Farrar (L50) 87.10. L60: M Oliver 1-41.00.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Race The Train 5k


Course record-holder Matt Clowes (Stone MM) was a comfortable winner of the Race The Train 5k in Caernarfon, and although he was never under pressure he still came within a few seconds of his own record.

 With his partner and fellow record-holder Gina Paletta resting after her Snowdon run the women's race was won by Menai's Debbie Williams in a fast 17.36.

 Results: 1 M Clowes (Stone MM) 13.54, 2 C Evans (Eryri) 15.46, 3 J Parkinson (Eryri, M40) 16.18, 4 S Sayer (Menai) 16.22, 5 H Wharton (Cybi) 16.26, 6 A Connell (Eryri) 16.30.
 U14: 1 O Gibbard (Ysg Brynrefail) 20.54, 2 I Williams (ua) 22.57
 U16: 1 R Cain (Menai) 18.24, 2 J Godfrey (Tryfan) 22.43
 U18: 1 J Griffith (Colwyn Bay) 16.41, 2 M Llyr (Eryri) 18.19, 3
 M40: 2 C Yorke (NWRR) 16.36, 3 I Griffiths (Cybi) 16.54
 M50: 1 A Lewis (Eryri) 18.07, 2 M Williams (Cybi) 18.21, 3 P Cain (ua) 19.12
 M60: 1 J Woodcock (Menai) 17.45, 2 T Hill (Cybi) 20.42, 3 S Longman (ua) 22.35
 M65: 1 G Hughes (Prestatyn) 20.58, 2 B Robbins (Eryri) 21.08, 3 J Hatton (NWRR) 26.21
 M70: E Davies (Eryri) 19.18 (new record)

1 D Williams (Menai) 17.36, 2 L Grantham (Chester Tri, L35) 18.40, 3 L Purrick (Abingdon) 18.45, 4 A Darlington (Sheffield Uni) 18.52
 U16: 1 M Davies (Menai) 18.54, 2 L H Jones (Ysg Brynrefail) 20.55
 U18: 1 A Cheetham (Prestatyn) 23.34
 L35: 2 H Griffith (NWRR) 20.34, 3 C Pollock (ua) 21.28
 L45: 1 E Salisbury (Eryri) 21.47, 2 J Korn (ua) 22.47, 3 C Frost (NWRR) 23.20
 L55: 1 V Edwards (Menai) 26.04, 2 A Darlington (ua) 27.10
 L60: 1 A Hill (ua) 31.45, 2 S Longman (ua) 32.52
 L65: C Birch (Abergele) 21.32

Green Green Grass of Home


Karl Steinegger, who regularly turns in quality performances without chalking up many wins, finally claimed the glory in the third and final race in the Clwydian Hills series, the Green, Green Grass of Home race at Llangynhafal.

 With several of the regular women competitors missing it was also good that the consistent Sandra Rowlands was also able to grab some of the spotlight.

 Results. 1 K Steinegger (Ambleside) 44.17, 2 P Smith (Clwydian) 45.48, 3 D Boothby (Wrecsam Tri) 45.51, 4 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 46.03, 5 J O'Hara (Helsby) 46.26, 6 A Broughton (Helsby, M40) 47.52.
 U23: T Snowden (Deeside) 48.03
 M40: 3 G Porter Jones (Eryri) 48.36
 M50: 1 V Belshaw (Denbigh) 48.40, 2 N Holmes (Tattenhall) 52.12, 3 K Rowlands (Clwydian) 53.24
 M60: 1 A French (Wrex) 54.20, 2 J Morris (Buckley) 58.55, 3 R Fisher (Pensby) 61.28
M70: MH Edwards (Wrex) 72.13

1 S Rowlands (Clwydian, L40) 58.01, 2 V Whitehead (Denbigh, L40) 59.04, 3 A Lewis (Pensby, L40) 59.06.
 L50: 1 P Peers (Pensby) 60.57, 2 D Rutherford (Pensby) 61.04, 3 J Penrhyn-Jones (Prestatyn) 67.03.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Weston's ultra win


North Wales 10-mile champion Daniel Weston made his "ultra" debut at the weekend - and it proved even more of a challenge than expected.

 The Wrexham athlete competed in the Wenlock Olympian Walk, involving 6,000 feet of ascent over 52 miles.

 Like a few others, he chose to run the course, but went astray and so covered a total of 57 miles. Despite the substantial diversion he still came home first.

Monday, 22 July 2013

SIAB champs


Welshpool's Adele Nicoll played a true captain's role with double gold in the SIAB Schools' International (U17) in Dublin.

 The skipper of the girls' team, she won the shot with a new pb of 13.75 and then won the discus by another comfortable margin.

 There were pbs galore by North Wales squad members, including the prolific Cari Hughes, who finished third in the U17 1,500m in a brilliant 4-33.33.

 Matthew Williams (Wrexham) won the discus and his rival Nathan Thomson (Colwyn Bay) picked up bronze in the shot.

 The North Wales placings were:-
Women: 800m 8 Abi Backshall (CB) 2-20.80; 1,500m 3 Cari Hughes (Menai) 4-33.33 (pb); 3,000m 8 Lily Davis (Deeside) 11-15.84; 300H 7 Vicky Gittins (Mald) 45.34 (pb); LJ 6 Chloe Hughes (Dee) 5.26; TJ 6 Sarah Williams (Mald) 10.34 (pb); SP 1 Adele Nicoll (Birchfield) 13.75 (pb, 5 Sabrina Fortune (Dee) 10.37; DT 1 Nicoll 42.19, 6 Fortune 33.77; HT 6 Amber Rimmington (Dee) 40.76 (pb).

Men: 400m 5 Ryan Pike (CB) 50.77 (pb); HJ 8 Ioan Parry (Menai) 1.75; SP 3 Nathan Thomason (CB) 15.01; DT 1 Matthew Williams (Wrex) 41.84; HT 3 James Williams (CB) 59.93, 4 Thomason 57.20 (pb), 8 Shaun Livett (Menai) 47.76.

At the Birmingham Games British champion Sally Peake (Birchfield) from Hawarden won with a modest clearance of 4.00 and former Colwyn Bay sprinter Rachel Johncock (Swansea), who won gold with the GB relay team last week, finished fourth in the 200m in 24.28.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Snowdon race


Schoolteacher Andi Jones made it "six of the best" in winning the Ty'n Lon Volvo Snowdon race - and he did it in his usual front-running style.

 The Stockport athlete was determined to get his revenge on Scotsman Murray Strain, who won the event last year, and he made his intentions clear from the start.

 He reached the summit in first place and though Strain closed the gap, overtaking local favourite Alun Vaughan, who had been second on the climb, Jones moved further clear in the closing stages to record his sixth win. His time was 68.48.

 Strain was second, and he was followed by three-times English champion Rob Hope third and Vaughan fourth.

 Sarah Mulligan won the ladies' title in the same style as Jones, leading all the way to become the first Irish champion. Scotland's Jill Mykura was second and Jackie Lee (Wales) an excellent third.

 The inaugural Super Cup - uphill to the summit only with no descent - was won by Ethiopian-born Wagene Tafese (Scotland), who pulled away from England's Steve Vernon on the final climb. The 21-year-old won the inter-counties' mountain running championships in Settle Hills in May.

 The Welsh runners grouped well just a little further back, with Andrew Davies (Mercia) fourth, Rob Samuel (Eryri) fifth and Nathan Jones (Eryri) ninth.

 The first lady to the summit was England's Olivia Walwyn, with Wrexham's Gina Paletta second and the rapidly improving Siobhan Evans (Eryri) third,


1 W Tabese (Ethiopia, Scotland) 40.53, 2 S Vernon (Eng) 41.09, 3 B McMahon (Ire) 42.28, 4 A Davies (Wales) 43.27, 5 R Samuel (Wales) 44.07, 9 N Jones (Wales) 46.31, 13 G Griffin (Wales) 50.10, 14 R Challinor (Wales) 50.13. Ladies: 1 O Walwyn (Eng) 50.45, 2 G Paletta (Wales) 52.15, 3 S Evans (Wales) 55.04, 4 A Bartlett (Wales) 55.51, 9 T Lewis-Jones (Wales) 61.27.


1 A Jones (Stockport) 68.50, 2 M Strain (Scot) 70.14, 3 R Hope (Eng) 70.54, 4 A Vaughan (Wales) 71.25, 5 L Taggart (Isle of Man) 71.37, 6 P Burney (Eng) 71.49. Others: 11 F Jones (Aberystwyth) 74.08, 12 M Roberts (Wales) 74.20, 14 P Ryder (Wales) 74.44, 19 R Roberts (Wales) 76.01.
 M40: 1 P Jones (Mercia) 80.56, 2 G Heeney (ua) 81.21, 3 M Cliffe (Eryri) 82.26
 M45: 1 J Moore (ua) 85.43, 2 N Craine (Eryri) 88.49, 3 I Rowlands (Cybi) 90.20
 M50: 1 A Smith (Deeside) 83.41, 2 A Lewis (Eryri) 88.53, 3 C Dixon (Cambridge) 93.27
 M55: 1 C Davies (Saddleworth) 90.12, 2 I Edgar (Eryri) 91.40, 3 G Earlam (Ell Port) 96.07
 M60: 1 G Owen (ua) 94.23, 2 A French (Wrexham) 1-40.43, 3 N Owen (Prestatyn) 1-46.12
 M65: 1 B Robbins (Eryri) 1-55.06, 2 J Morris (Buckley) 1-56.24, 3 P Walsh (Bowland) 2-01.36
 M70: 1 MH Edwards (Wrex) 2-26.16, 2 M Briggs (ua) 2-53.26

1 S Mulligan (Ire) 86.25, 2 J Mykura (Scot) 87.14, 3 J Lee (Wales) 87.51, 4 S Adkin (Scot) 88.34, 5 P Maddams (Eng) 90.10, 6 C Morgan (Scot) 90.47
 L40: 1 J Holmes-Thomson (ua) 99.36, 2 J Moore (Eryri) 1-48.48, 3 R Probert (ua) 1-49.20
 L45: 1 L Mardall (Deeside) 1-45.25, 2 L Summers (Chepstow) 1-46.12, 3 A Hunter (Dunshaughton) 1-51.15
 L50: 1 J Edwards (Meirionnydd) 1-52.03, 2 T Scotland (Eryri) 2-08.09, 3 N Horsfield (Clayton le Moors) 2-08.40

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Druid race


The experienced John Hunt (Dark Peak) proved too strong for the opposition in the Druids fell-race, the second of three events in the Clwydian Hills series. He beat a good quality field from North Wales and over the border.

 Lisa Grantham was the first lady home, like Hunt holding off the challenge of a much younger competitor.


1 J Hunt (Dark Peak, M45) 34.06, 2 C Owens (Spectrum U23) 34.37, 3 K Steinegger (Ambleside) 34.40, 4 D Parker (ua) 34.50, 5 D Phillips (Vale Royal) 35.46, 6 J O'Hara (Helsby) 35.51.
 M40: 1 A Broughton (Helsby) 37.27, 2 C Millington (Spectrum) 38.25, 3 R Barber (ua) 39.06
 M45: 2 D Harvey (Pennine) 39.58, 3 D Barker (Denbigh) 40.38
 M50: 1 S Toogood (ua) 37.45, 2 T Knight (ua) 39.25, 3 J Spencer (Spectrum) 40.54
 M55: 1 A Gayton (Denbigh) 41.58, 2 A Garnett (Spectrum) 42.16, 3 V Edwards (Deestriders) 42.47
 M60: 1 A French (Wrex) 45.45, 2 R Fisher (P)ensby) 46.54, 3 C Hatton (Helsby) 51.10
 M65: 1 N Griffiths (Spectrum) 48.23, 2 N Pratten (Wirral) 50.18, 3 J Morris (Buckley) 52.55
 M70: P Roberts (Buckley) 43.11

1 L Grantham (Chester Tri) 41.30, 2 R Jefferson (Warrington, U23) 42.20, 3 E Collins (Denbigh, L50) 42.32, 4 L Morley (Wrex, L40) 43.33, 5 L Whitfield (Spectrum) 44.22, 6 A Lewis (Pensby, L40) 45.21.
 L40: 3 V Whitehead (Denbigh) 46.15
 L45: 1 J Robertson (Helsby) 45.48, 2 V Griffiths (Helsby) 47.14, 3 M McGonicle (Pensby) 50.32
 L50: 2 P Peers (Pensby) 47.35, 3 D Rutherford (Pensby) 48.16
 L55: K Lamberton (Pensby) 61.12

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tal y Fan race


Aberystwyth's Lauren Jeska set a new record in the Tal y Fan race above the Conwy Valley after staying with the race leaders in the early stages.

 Jez Brown (Buckley) retained his title, pulling away from Huw Davies (Mercia). The race attracted a record field of 71.

 Results: 1 J Brown (Buckloey, M40) 74.25, 2 H Davies (Mercia) 75.17, 3 C Near (Eryri, M40) 75.45, 4 S Edwards (Buckley, M40) 76.01, 5 L Jeska (Aberystwyth, SL) 76.13, 6 M Davies (NWRR) 77.43.
 M50: 1 I Lancaster (Tattenhall) 86.27, 2 C Lancaster (Mercia) 86.37, 3 G Davies (Mercia) 87.01. M60: 1 M Cortvriend (Denbigh) 92.13, 2 M Foschi (Helsby) 93.05, 3 P Tan Jones (Eryri) 95.15. M70: 1 E Davies (Eryri) 96.07, 2 P Roberts (Buckley) 96.23

1 Jeska, 2 A Darlington (ua) 88.12, 3 S Barnwell (Eryri, L40) 94.56, 4 P Peers (Pensby, L50) 1-44.32, 5 V Whitehead (Denbigh, L40) 1-47.34, 6 H Turner (Eryri) 1-49.32.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

British and European T & F


Former Colwyn Bay sprinter Rachel Johncock (Swansea) finished fifth in the final of the 100 metres at the European under-23 championships in Tampere, Finland.

 She finished second in her heat in 11.78, fourth in the semi in 11.79 and then clocked 11.68 in the final. Fellow Brit Jodie Williams was second on 11.42.

 At the Sainsbury's British Championships in Birmingham Hannah Thomas (Wrexham/ Swansea) just failed to make the 100m final, finishing fifth in the semi in 12.02.

 In the 200m, however, she made it to the final, drawing the inside lane, and finished an excellent fourth in a pb of 23.87.

 Hawarden's Sally Peake (Birchfield), the Welsh record-holder, won the pole vault with her first clearance of 4.23m.

 Gareth Warburton (Cardiff) failed to recapture his form of last year, when he qualified for the Olympics. In the 800m final he finished third in 48.87.

Friday, 12 July 2013

World Youth Champs


Sixteen-year-old Adele Nicoll (Birchfield) from Welshpool finished fifth in the shot putt at the IAAF World Youth Championships in Donetsk, Ukraine. Her best throw of 15.80 was just below her best but she was one of the youngest in the GB squad and was up against athletes three years older than her.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

World Transplant Games


Deestriders' coach Neil Dunn is off to South Africa later this month in search of more medals.

 The 62-year-old from Connah's Quay will be competing in the World Transplant Games in Durban eight years after having a life-saving kidney transplant.

 Neil, a member of the GB and NI team, will compete in the 5k road race, 800 metres and 1,500 metres track events.

 Lynne Holt, team manager and Trustee of Transplant Sport, said the Games provided a great opportunity for athletes such as Neil to share their stories and inspire people to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register.

 "Being able to take part in this type of event after years of illness is fantastic," said Neil who, in 2007, won Welsh Athletics' Club Volunteer of the Year award. "All the other competitors have their own stories and the friendship among everyone is amazing."

 Neil has won numerous medals at cycling and athletics in British Transplant Games over the past eight years.

Athlete's Profile (8)



NAME: Andy Walling

CLUB: Sale Harriers and Menai Track and Field




ANY OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: As a youngster I played football and rugby league.  I did gymnastics, swimming, rounders etc at school.  I played a bit of golf and snooker too!

OTHER HOBBIES OR INTERESTS:  Eating cake with a nice cup of tea is pretty high on my agenda!  I am a fan of Salford Rugby League Club to and have had the misfortune of watching them from the age of 4!  Thanks Dad!  I have been coaching since 1994 and I am involved with a really talented group of athletes at the moment.  I am also a physio and I work for British Athletics one day a week as well as in Athlete Matters in Worsley and the NHS in north Wales.  Thank goodness I have a supportive wife and two young daughters!

 FAVOURITE RACING DISTANCE:  It used to be 800m and 1500m I was very much a track runner who did road and cross country to help the summer performances.  Now I plod around most distances wondering which bit of me is going to ache next!

FAVOURITE RACE AND WHY:   I don’t have a favourite race!  My most memeorable one was in Eldoret, Kenya last year.  It was a XC race at 2,000m in thirty degrees heat.  I was the only Mizungo (white man) and I looked obese next to the Kenyan racing snakes.  The first mile was about 4.10 at the front.  I didn’t finish last and Asbel Kiprop Olympic 1500m champion in Beijing dropped out so I am having that as a victory.  If you are reading Asbel, I think you will find that our head to heads read Walling 1v0 Kiprop!! 

FAVOURITE TRAINING SESSION:  These days if I get out for a run I’m happy!  I join in some sessions and I was doing some 30 minute volume sessions with some of the group, Rob Samuel, Nathan Jones,  Siobhan Evans, Tammy Twp and the students (Kash, Rowlinson and Wiggy)  They are great endurance sessions!

 PROUDEST MOMENT:  Not including the birth of my two daughters, my wedding day and my cycling proficiency badge…Being selected to run for Wales as a senior for the first time was pretty special.  As a physio, I have been fortunate enough to attend four high altitude camps in Kenya, and in Font Romeu with the GB athletes.  I have also worked for team GB at the European Champs in Helsinki and at World and European Junior events as well as European and World Cup race walking events.  It is always special to be involved in these events.  Two athletes I coach have earned Great Britain call ups.  Those too were very proud moments.  I fully expect more to achieve this level too.  I know this was proudest moment and I am listing lots, but it was a great achievement too when Cari Hughes was top of the 800m rankings in her age group.  That is special!!

WHOM DO YOU MOST ADMIRE (INSIDE ATHLETICS AND OUT) AND WHY:  anyone who gives it their all.  Endurance is such a tough environment.  There are no short cuts.  I was a massive Steve Ovett fan growing up, then Steve Cram.  I love the Prefontaine approach too.  Outside athletics the rugby league boys are some of the toughest and best athletes in the world.  They get very little recognition and deserve much more.  They put over paid footballers to shame.  Beyond sport I admire people like Tony Benn and Billy Bragg.  Others who have directly influenced me and helped shape me include Duncan Tanner, Doug Morris, and of course my Old Dad!

ANY PERSONAL AMBITIONS:  I still want to either go to an Olympics or lead out Salford at Wembley!

ANY REGRETS:  Leaving a light on when I was going away for a week…hit me in my wallet and I crumble!


WHAT CHANGES (IF ANY) WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN THE SPORT:  I would like to see the thousands of dedicated officials, helpers and coaches get some money for the many hours they put in.  I would also like to see athletics in every school! 


Monday, 8 July 2013

Bronze for Garner


Colwyn Bay's Georgia Garner further enhanced her growing reputation when she finished third in the World Mountain Running Association's International Youth Cup in Gap, France.

 At one stage the St David's College pupil, who was representing Wales,  lay in second place but eventually she had to settle for third behind Turkey's Burcu Sabatan, who clocked 13.24, and Poland's Magdalena Dias, in 13.28. Garner came home 19 seconds down.

 Turkey dominated the event, winning a total of five golds.

Moel Siabod


Welsh international Felipe Jones was a comfortable winner of the classic Moel Siabod race but the event was dominated by an incident involving former organiser Ross Powell.

 About a mile into the race he collapsed in the searing heat and was tended by other runners, some of them qualified first-aiders, until he could be taken by ambulance to Ysbyty Gwynedd.

 He is understood to be making a good recovery at home but is due to undergo further tests.

 The women's winner was Anwen Darlington (Sheffield), from Colwyn Bay, who gained a lot of time with a fast descent.

 Results: 1 F Jones (Aberystwyth) 48.12, 2 M Cliffe (Eryri, M40) 51.22, 3 C Near (Eryri, M40) 53.22, 4 D Lewis (Sarn Helen) 54.12, 5 J Parkinson (Eryri, M40) 54.23, 6 M Atherton (Meirionnydd, M40) 55.13.
 M50: 1 S Toogood (ua) 60.12, 2 T Knight (ua) 61.12, 3 K Hagley (SWRR) 63.05
 M60: 1 M Cortvriend (Denbigh) 68.06, 2 E Davies (Eryri) 70.17, 3 J Morris (Buckley) 72.11


1 A Darlington (Sheffield) 60.07, 2 J Joy (Helsby) 63.20, 3 H Teasdale (ua, L40) 64.33, 4 E Collins (Denbigh, L50) 69.30, 5 V Whitehead (Denbigh, L40) 76.50, 6 L Jones (Wrex, L40) 78.26.
L50: 2 K Worthington (Eryri) 93.58, 3 M Jeal (Denbigh) 95.05
 L60: M Oliver (Eryri) 2-28.31

Fairy Freckled Cow Trail race


Builder Damian Nicholls did a demolition job when he turned up for the Fairy Freckled Cow Trail race around Llyn Alwen.

 The Wilmslow, who occasionally worked for race organiser Martin Cortvriend when he lived in Cheshire, took 22 seconds off the course record set in 2011 by his clubmate Malcolm Fowler.

 Yet another Wilmslow runner, Dianne McVey, set a new women's record, her 44.50 taking 46 seconds off Sarah Ridgway's best set in 2007.

 Results: 1 D Nicholls (Wilmslow) 38.52, 2 L Jones (Deeside, M40) 40.44, 3 G Norgrove (Wrecsam Tri, M40) 40.58, 4 H Wharton (Cybi) 41.50, 5 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 42.26, 6 S Roberts (Buckley, M40) 43.02.
 M50: 1 T McGaff (Wilmslow) 43.52, 2 P Robertson (Ell Port) 46.12, 3 N Bishop (Wilmslow) 47.21
 M60: 1 T Hulme (Wilmslow) 52.27, 2 P Grannon (Wilmslow) 53.30, 3 G Jones (ua) 57.35
 M70: 1 S Fenton (Wilmslow) 59.14, 2 R Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn)64.25, 3 J Thomas (Buckley) 66.54


1 D McVey (Wilmslow) 44.50, 2 J Ellis (Wilmslow, L40) 49.12, 3 M Owen (Cybi) 50.09, 4 H McArthur (Colwyn Bay, L40) 52.24, 5 M Dowell-Jones (CB) 53.42, 6 M Ludden (Buckley, L50) 54.24.
 L40 3 L Goodson (NWRR) 58.08
 L50: 2 C Wilgoose (Abergele) 57.01
 L60: J Mount (Denby Dale) 82.48

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Welsh Schools champs


 Deeside's Amber Rimmington followed up her triple medal-winning performance in last week's Welsh championships with another outstanding performance in the Welsh Schools' championships in Cardiff.

 The Flint High School pupil won the junior girls' discus and hammer, the latter in a new championship record of 52.19m, which smashed the old record set in 2010 by a massive 13 metres. That earned her the TSB Cup for the best performance by a female field athlete.

Several other North Wales throwers also shone, with Colwyn Bay AC's Nathan Thomason getting the better of his rival Matthew Williams (Wrexham AC, Penley) in the middle boys' shot and discus.

 Among North Wales medallists were:-
Junior boys. 330m 3 Cliff Schwabauer (Glan y Mor) 39.10; 1,500m 2 Christian Smith (Darland) 4-24.53; LJ 1 Luke Harries (David Hughes) 5.39; SP 2 Daniel Davies (Eifionnydd) 12.79; DT 3 Schwabauer 32.01.

Middle boys. 400m 1 Ryan Pike (John Bright) 50.86; 800m 2 Matthew Harding (Rydal) 2-02.08; HJ 2 Iwan Parry (Llangefni) 1.80; TJ 3 Jack Davies (Eifionnydd) 12.62; SP 1 Nathan Thomason (John Bright) 14.19, 2 Matthew Williams (Penley) 13.18; DT 1 Thomason 42.11, 2 Williams 40.59; HT 1 Shaun Livett (David Hughes) 48.06; 4 x 100 relay 3 Eryri 45.91

Senior boys. 400m 2 Chris McNaught (Holyhead) 50.63; 400mH 2 Rheon Jones (Syr Thomas Jones) 61.77; HJ 3 Ashley Rowlands (St David's College) 1.65; TJ 1 Adrian Lawrence (St David's College) 12.67; SP 2 Connor Laverty (David Hughes) 14.51, 3 Matthew Reece (Glan Clwyd) 11.90; DT 1 Laverty 40.73, 3 Reece 37.07; HT 3 Reece 40.38; 4 x 100 2 Eryri 45.48.

Junior girls. 100m 3 Chloe Hughes (Flint) 13.01; 200m 3 Siobhan Benson (Howells) 27.14; 1,500m 1 Cari Hughes (Syr Thomas Jones) 4-37.97; LJ 1 Hughes 5.40; DT 1 Amber Rimmington (Flint) 27.72; HT 1 Rimmington 52.11 (championship best performance)

Middle girls. 100m 2 Shannon Malone (Mold Alun) 12.30; 200m 2 Malone 26.64; 800m 1 Abigail Backshall (Dyffryn Conwy) 2-15.81; 3,000m: 2 Lily Davies (Mold Alun) 11-12.80; SP 1 Sabrina Fortune (Deeside College) 33.59; HT 3 Katy Whitley (Penley) 32.44

 Senior girls. 100m 1 Sophie Lewis (Coleg Menai) 12.85, 2 Elin Jones (Creuddyn) 12.86; 400m 1 Rhian Williams (Deeside College) 59.04; 400mH 2 Williams 65.80; SP 2 Manon Edwards (Morgan Llwyd) 10.61; DT 3 Edwards 22.65; HT 2 Edwards 31.21; JT 3 Beth Mather (Rydal) 19.77; 4 x 100 1 Eryri 51.86.

European Mountain Running


 Recent Eryri Harriers' recruit Nathan Jones finished 19th in the European Mountain-Running Championships in Borovets, Bulgaria.

 In what was an uphill-only race he finished five places behind team-mate Max Wharton whom he has beaten in the past. The junior men's team finished 7th, with Turkey winning comfortably.

 The UK's senior men and junior women both won silver and the senior women bronze, with Italy taking both senior team awards and Russia the junior women's.

 Steve Vernon was the first UK finisher in fifth place, while Emma Clayton led the women in sixth place.

 The fourth UK finisher in the junior women's side was former Eryri Harrier Lydia Sharpe (now Gateshead).

Deestriders' Off-Road (2)


Deeside's Lee Jones claimed his second win in Deestriders' Off-Road Grand Prix series, with fellow-vet Gary Norgrove again runner-up. In fact the first 13 places were taken by vets.

 It was the same in the ladies' race, with Lisa Grantham again finishing well clear.

 Results: 1 L Jones (Deeside, M40) 26.01, 2 G Norgrove (Wrecsam Tri, M45) 26.17, 3 X Desse (Wirral, M40) 26.33, 4 J Hunt (Wirral, M45) 26.51, 5 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 27.02, 6 C Bishop (Helsby, M55) 27.42.
 JM: T De Jong (Helsby) 34.51
 M45: 3 G Blackwell (Dee) 28.30.
 M50: 1 G Jones (Prestatyn) 28.07, 2 K Challinor (Dee) 31.43, 3 S Phillips (Wrex) 34.07
 M55: 2 T Devoy (Wirral) 28.56, 3 S Bellis (Buck) 31.17
 M60: 1 A French (Wrex) 32.45, 2 D Cowe (Vale R) 45.57
 M65: 1 J Morris (Buck) 36.15, 2 S Hatfield (Prest) 37.09, 3 B Beattie (West Ch) 40.41


1 L Grantham (Chester Tri, L35) 30.50, 2 S Roberts (Pensby) 31.29, 3 E Collins (Denbigh, L50) 31.46, 4 M Ludden (Buck, L50) 34.23, 5 L Jones (Wrex, L45) 34.58, 6 V Whitehead (Denbigh, L40) 36.31.
 JL: 1 A Bagnall (Prest) 37.31, 2 A Cheetham (Prest) 39.55.
 L35: 2 L Martin (Prest) 43.01
 L50: 3 G Davies (Prest) 41.42

World Trail Champs


On a day which was great for spectators but gruelling for competitors Llanrwst hosted a brilliant  World Trail Championships in which Welsh and GB athletes took a lot of the glory.

 From a regional point of view the outstanding performance was that of former Eryri Harrier Iain Ridgway, making his GB debut in the 77-kilometre race.

 The five-lap course within Gwydr Forest provided a real test for the runners from around the world but the winner was clear from the start. England's Ricky Lightfoot led all the way and finished in an amazing 5-36.03, 12 minutes clear of runner-up Florian Neuschwander (German).

 Ridgway, from Nant Peris, worked his way steadily through the field and on the final lap moved ahead of France's Thierry Brevil into the bronze medal place, eventually finishing five minutes in front.

 There was even more Welsh success in the open 10k trail race, which incorporated the Welsh championship and an international competition.  Wales took 1-2-3- in the men's event, with Andrew Davies (Mercia) beating Rob Samuel (Eryri) by just three seconds, and Alun Vaughan (Eryri) third in his first trail race.

 With Richard Roberts 10th Eryri thus took the men's team prize in the open competition.

 Results of open race: 1 A Davies (Mercia) 33.50, 2 R Samuel (Eryri) 33.53, 3 A Vaughan (Eryri) 34.59, 4 B Hulkins (Ron Hill Cambuslang) 35.10, 5 T Adams (Ilkley) 35.16, 6 D Mitchinson (Newham and Essex Beagles) 35.27.
 M40: 1 P Jones (Mercia) 38.33, 2 N Griffiths (Amman Valley) 45.37, 3 P Massey (ua) 45.37.
 M45: 1 T Watson (Eryri) 45.15, 2 P Jenkinson (Eryri) 47.43, 3 A Gannon (Menai) 50.13
 M50: 1 J Dannahay (Stoke) 41.33, 2 A Woods (Mynydd Du) 43.32, 3 I Batty (Newquay) 48.09
 M55: 1 G Rogers (ua) 53.55, 2 E Villa (ua) 56.05, 3 S Bailey (Deestriders) 67.59
 M60: 1 D Evans (Doncaster) 55.36, 2 H Archer (ua) 60.58, 3 I Roberts (Eryri) 68.09.
 M65: 1 D Evans (Cardiff) 49.47, 2 G Hughes (Prestatyn) 56.09, 3 R Nosworthy (ua) 62.31
 M70: P Jones (Prestatyn) 60.16
M75: R Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn) 61.22

K Walshaw (Holmfirth) 39.42, 2 J Maclean (Edinburgh, L35) 41.03, 3 K Roberts (Bridgend) 41.06, 4 D Dionne (Leigh) 42.27, 5 E Caillet (France) 43.39, 6 J Buckley (Bingley, L35) 43.47.
 L35: 3 D Martin-Cossani (Garsube) 51.28
 L40: 1 S Leech (Carmarthen) 45.33, 2 M Surridge (ua) 55.15, 3 T Fretwell (Eryri) 57.36
 L45: 1 L Wright (Clwydian) 46.44, 2 L Goodson (NWRR) 54.56, 3 J Pyres (ua) 59.23
 L50: 1 J Anglley (Cornwall) 50.52, 2 J Meyrick-Yale (ua) 54.48, 3 S Norris (ua) 59.15
 L55: 1 S Roberts (Prestatyn) 62.50, 2 C Gadd (ua) 73.16
 L60: 1 B Funnell (Mud Cow) 57.47, 2 P Bowman Edgar (ua) 93.16

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ras y Felinheli


Eryri's Rob Samuel strode away from the field from the gun to record his fourth consecutive win in the Vaynol 10k at Felinheli.

 His time of 31.27 on the twisting, undulating course, was his best yet and he came home almost four minutes ahead of second-placed Gwyn Owen.

 In-form Siobhan Evans followed up her recent North Wales debut by setting a new ladies' course record of 38.53, finishing 15th overall.

 Results (all Eryri unless stated): 1 R Samuel 31.27, 2 G Owen (ua) 35.10, 3 C Evans 35.42, 4 DW Jones (M40) 35.51, 5 S Sayer (Menai) 35.52, 6 J Parkinson (M40) 35.59.
 JM: 1 R Ll James (Menai) 39.07, 2 D Jackson (NWRR) 49.14
 M40: 3 I Rowlands (Cybi) 38.00.
 M50: 1 A Lewis 39.43, 2 I Edgar 41.02, 3 K Slattery (NWRR) 42.34
 M60: 1 J Woodhouse (Menai) 39.57, 2 T Hill (Cybi) 48.26, 3 B Robbins 49.33
 M70: E Davies 44.35

1 S Evans 38.53, 2 A Darlington (ua) 43.24, 3 S Woodcock (ua) 44.24, 4 T Llewellyn (Cybi, L35) 44.40, 5 J Heming (L35) 45.09, 6 B Dobson Jones (ua) 45.25.
 JL: 1 SR Parry (YUB) 51.10, 2 AR Evans (YUB) 59.08
 L35: 3 K Worthington 45.56
 L50: 1 K Hatton (NWRR) 50.16, 2 S Jones (Cybi) 50.50, 3 V Edwards (Menai) 57.00
 L60: M Oliver 55.18

Freckled Cow race


Please note that The Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race is being held on Sunday 7th July at 11.30 am NOT Saturday 6th July as advertised in Welsh Athletics calendar - this race has always been held on a Sunday and we have no idea why WA decided to put it in as Saturday.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Borders League fixtures


November 17th: Tattenhall
December 15th: Wallasey
February 2nd: Abergele
March 2nd: Wirral
March 23rd: Deeside
April 6th: Helsby
April 23rd: Deestriders (Shotton)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Welsh U13/15, Senior Champs (Day 2)


Fourteen-year-old Amber Rimmington (Deeside) was the star of the show on the second day of the Welsh under 13/under 15 and senior championships in Cardiff with an outstanding triple performance.

 The took silver in the U15 shot then gold in the discus and in winning her second gold in the hammer set a new Welsh record and championship best performance. In second place was Emily Pearce (Carmarthen), who had set the previous record last month.

 It was another good day for fellow Deeside member Chloe Hughes who followed up her silver in the U15 100 metres with gold in the long jump.

 North Wales medallists:-
Boys under 15:  1,500m 2 Matthew Willis (Wrex) 4-22.43, 3 Christian Smith (Wrex) 4-27.43. HJ 2 Matthew Sturgess (Deeside) 1.50. DT 3 Cliff Schwabauer (Menai) 28.61
 Senior men: HT 2 Osian Jones (Liverpool H, ex-Menai) 59.76
 Girls under 15: 200m 3 Siobhan Benson (Deeside) 26.94; LJ 1 Chloe Hughes (Deeside) 5.19; SP 2 Amber Rimmington (Deeside) 9.48, DT 1 Rimmington 29.76; HT 1 Rimmington 47.01, 3 Jade Williams (Wrex) 37.02.
 Senior women: 200m 2 Hannah Thomas (Wrex) 24.49; 400mH 3 Megan Rogers (Wrex) 63.38; HJ 3 Sian Swanson (Swansea, ex-Maldwyn) 1.60.