Sunday, 31 August 2014

Maesgwm Muddle


Eryri's Jackie Lee clinched the British fell-running title when she finished sixth in the Maesgwm Muddle from Llanberis.

 She thus became the first Eryri champion in two decades, and has the bonus of picking up a team silver with clubmates Andrea Rowlands and Helen Teasdale.

 The results were: 1 R Hope (Pudsey and Bramley, M40), 2 M Donnelly (Borrowdale, M40), 3 S Bailey (Mercia), 4 A Fallas (Carnethy), 5 K Gray (Calder, M40), 6 M Roberts (Eryri). M50: 1 S Whitlie (Carnethy), 2 M Roberts (Borrowdale), 3 D Sargeant (Eden). M60: 1 Keith Holmes (Dark Peak), 2 G McAra (Cheshire HR). M70: 1 J Morris (Buckley), 2 B Robbins (Eryri.
 Ladies: 1 V Wilkinson (Bingley), 2 J Paris (Carnethy), 3 H Berry (Holmfirth, L40), 4 E Gould (Mercia), 5 M Price (Mercia, L40), 6 J Lee (Eryri). L40: 3 A Rowlands (Eryri). L50: 1 G Myers (Wharfedale), 2 A Raw (Bingley), 3 J Carter (Keswick). L60: 1 W Dodds (Clayton le Moors), 2 K Thompson (Clayton le Moors), 3 M Oliver (Eryri).

Caernarfon 10k


Tomos Roberts (Meirionnydd), the current North Wales 5k champion, completed the "double" by winning the 10k title in Caernarfon, but had to work hard for it.

 In one of the most exciting finishes in the race's history he and Menai's Stefan Sayer entered the field together but Roberts edged ahead in the short climb to the finish to win by a single second.

 The ladies' title went to in-form veteran Helen Davies (Wrecsam Tri), who finished 20th overall and was almost three minutes clear of runner-up Anest Muller (West Cheshire).

 Due to problems with the recording it was impossible to determine all the North Wales championship placings immediately after the event so all the results are provisional at this stage. They will be confirmed later.

 Denbigh's John Morris did a double of a different kind at the weekend. On Saturday he finished 10th in the Blackpool Hilton 10k in 35.49 and in Caernarfon he finished in the same position, clocking 37.09 to win the U23 class.

 Results : 1 T Roberts (Meir) 34.03, 2 S Sayer (Menai) 34.04, 3 D Longley (Prestatyn 34.34, 4 C Evans (Menai) 35.41, 5 DW Jones (Eryri, M40) 35.48, 6 R Hughes (Telford, M35) 36.19. U20: 1 OH Roberts (Eryri) 37.40. M35: 2 M Green (NWRR) 36.45, 3 D Owen (Eryri) 36.57. M40: 2 R Grantham (Chester Tri) 38.34, 3 M Leonard 39.31. M45: 1 A Kerr (NWRR) 38.0, 2 R ab Elwyn (Eryri) 39.21, 3 G Williams 41.46. M50: 1 M Robbins (Wrex) 38.39, 2 D Baugh (Denbigh) 41.15, 3 P Cain 41.46. M55: 1 G Jones (Prestatyn) 37.34, 2 I Edgar (Eryri) 41.08, 3 S Taylor (Menai) 41.51. M60: 1 N Owen (Prestatyn) 42.24, 2 C Baldwin (Denbigh) 46.49, 3 DA Jones (Denbigh) 47.25. M65: 1 JG Evans (Aberystwyth) 47.20, 2 T Hill (Cybi) 47.56, 3 S Hatfield 48.02. M70: 1 E Davies (Eryri) 47.42, 2M Storery (Village RR) 57.25, 3 M Edwards (Wrexham) 59.02.  M75: R Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn) 54.54, 2 D Hughes (Prestatyn) 56.55.

 Ladies: 1 H Davies (Wrecsam Tri, L45) 39.56, 2 A Muller (West Chesh) 42.54, 3 A Gago 43.28, 4 A Cheetham (Prestatyn, U20) 43.28, 5 L Irvine (Wimbledon) 44.14, 6 L Morley (Wrex, L40) 44.51. JL: 2 L35: 1 S Beck (Prestatyn) 44.54, 2 C Williams 48.44, 3 M Hughes (Eryri) 49.00. L40: 2 C Green (NWRR) 47.15, 3 B Hughes 50.13. L50: 1 C Williams 51.18, 2 N Hughes 58.44, 3 C Jones (Prestatyn) 59.34.  L55: 1 G Waring (Prestatyn) 49.12, 2 D Richards (Prestatyn) 51.16, 3 S Rodgers (Prestatyn) 53.05. L70: B Jones (Bro Dysynni)  57.55.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ras y Cnicht


Conditions were good for the annual Cnicht race in which experience prevailed, seven of the first eight being veterans.

 It was different in the ladies' race, with teenager Bronwen Jenkinson taking the title.

 Results: 1 M Cliffe (Eryri, M40) 38.59, 2 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 39.24, 3 DW Jones (Eryri, M40) 39.56, 4 J Hunt (Dark Peak, M40) 40.10, 5 S Pymm (Saddleworth) 40.50, 6 P Woodisse (MDC, M40) 41.56. M50: 1 K Hagley (SWRR) 46.47, 2 J Randell (Meirionnydd) 47.06, 3 H Lewis (Buckley) 49.58. M70: 1 P Roberts (Buckley) 55.17, 2 E Davies (Eryri) 61.25. Ladies: 1 B Jenkinson (Eryri, U18) 49.45, 2 A Fletcher (Eryri) 57.09, 3 S Harley (ua) 57.18. U23: C James (SMOC) 61.25. L60: M Oliver (Eryri) 68.25.

Ellesmere 10k


Liverpool Harrier Dan Cliffe, a student at McNeese State University in Louisiana, was an impressive winner of the Ellesmere 10k.

 His victory came just days after one of North Wales' top young athletes, Nathan Jones (also Liverpool Harriers), headed out for a four-year degree course in Louisiana.

 Cliffe, the current Cheshire cross-country champion, won in a season's best 31.18, with Telford veteran Paul Ward second.

 The ladies' title went to former Kim Fawke-Williams who crossed the line six seconds ahead of her former Telford clubmate Claire Martin.

 Results: 1 D Cliffe (Liv H, U23) 31.18, 2 P Ward (Tel, M45) 31.57, 3 T Charles (Trafford) 32.20, 4 P Roddy (Kenilworth, U20) 32.43, 5 J Bowie (Trismart) 32.49, 6 P Jones (Oswestry, M40) 33.21. U20: 2 G Jones (Cardiff) 34.02. U23: 2 D Kashi (Eryri) 34.33. M35: R Sedman-Smith (Telford) 34.21, 2 M Deering (Didcot) 35.48, 3 A Leighton (ua) 36.21. M40: 2 P Taylor (ua) 37.35, 3 P Parkinson (Newport) 37.53. M45: 2 J Sanders (Telford) 36.09, 3 P Coupe (Telford) 37.35. M50: 1 P Waby (Dudley) 34.37, 2 R Farrington 38.04, 3 H Jones (Shrews) 39.43. M55: 1 E Davies (Mald) 39.06, 2 K Burke 39.49, 3 R Stanler (Tipton) 40.05. M60: C Davies (Altrincham) 45.56, 2 G Richards 46.14, 3 C Copus (Mald) 46.42. M65: JG Evans (Aberystwyth) 47.25. M75: R Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn) 54.07.
 Ladies: 1 K Fawke-Williams (Centurion, L35) 35.54, 2 C Martin (Tel, L35) 36.00, 3 R Harrison (L35) 38.01, 4 H Davies (Wrecsam Tri, L45) 40.44, 5 A Grundy (L35) 42.21, 6 L Granthgam (Pensby, L35) 42.27. L40: 1  A Moccia 49.36. L45: 2 D Sanders (Tel) 43.29, 3 H Carter 46.09. L50: A Hutchinson 49.17. L55: 1 E Willoughby 47.29, 2 A Whitelaw (Wrex) 49.03, 3 G Smith 49.57.  L60:1  P Newton 49.49, 2 J Brand (Hermitage) 50.32. L65: C Birch (Abergele) 47.43.

Tryfan downhill


Once again only a small band of intrepid - some would say lunatic - runners turned out for the Tryfan Downhill Dash for which entrants should have to produce evidence of life insurance.

 Mike Blake's course record of 8 minutes has stood since 1990 and this year's winner was Matthew Bicknell (Colwyn Bay) in 15.07. Just four seconds behind was Eryri veteran Craig Jones. Jonah Seaston (Penzance) was the first junior in 25.43 and Ellie Salisbury (Eryri) first lady in a sedate 30.18.

Ras y Mynydd


Eryri veteran John Parkinson, who has had a good summer, chalked up another win in Ras y Mynydd at Mynydd Llandygai.

 The 4.5-mile race involves 775 feet of climbing and Parkinson held off a challenge from Jim Bacnon to win by 25 seconds.

 Results (all Eryri unless stated): 1 J Parkinson (M40) 28.12, 2 J Bacnon 28.37, 3 DW Jones (M40) 29.07, 4 H O'Donnell 30.15, 5 C Jones (M40) 30.17, 6 G Armstrong (ua) 30.37. M50: 1 P Cain (Menai) 33.42, 2 E Roberts 35.40, 3 D Norris (ua) 35.52. M60: P "Tan" Jones 38.00, 2 I Rothery (Cybi) 40.32. M70: B Robbins 40.07. Ladies: 1 G Lees 34.26, 2 B Law 35.02, 3 N Albiston 35.20, 4 K Worthington 36.08, 5 S Harley (ua) 36.59, 6 M Hughes 37.14. L40: J Korn (ua) 38.44. L50: E Salisbury 39.32. L60: M Oliver 46.19.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Capenhurst 5k


Liverpool Harrier Johnny Mellor, who represented England in the Commonwealth Games, chalked up another win in the Urenco 5k at Capenhurst.

 His time of 13.55 was 16 seconds faster than his time in 2012,  while the winning lady Kelly Crickmore (Stockport) was 20 seconds faster than last year.

 Among North Wales placings were: 33 Gary Blackwell (Deeside) 17.31, 40 Gordon Jones (Prestatyn, 2nd M55) 17.45, 43 Eric Campbell (Buckley) 17.50, 45 Emma Crowe (Wrexham, 1st L40) 17.54, 49 Richard Hayes (Wrecsam Tri) 18.02, 52 Mike Robbins (Wrex) 18.07, 53 Tony Woodall (Eryri) 18.11, 55 Neil Robinson (Deestriders) 18.17, 70 Jay Jennions (Deestriders, 3rd L35) 18.55, 76 Mark Jones (Colwyn Bay) 19.16, 93 Abbie Cheetham (Prestatyn, 3rd U20) 19.51, 95 Darren Blazier (Abergele) 19.51, 111 Russ Cheetham (Prestatyn) 20.28, 123 Sian Beck (Prestat yn) 21.07, 129 Amie Bagnall (Prestatyn) 21.22, 135 Graham Shone (Abergele, 3rd M60) 21.37, 136 Arwel Jones (Prestatyn) 21.43, 139 Vince Edwards (Deestriders) 21.47, 141 Alan Jones (Prestatyn) 21.53, 157 David A Jones (Denbigh) 22.49, 163 Lisa Gittins (Buckley, 1st L45) 23.16, 194 Robin Frost (Wrexham) 25.09.

Welsh Junior Final


Menai's Cliff Schwabauer wasted no time in setting a new 300-metre record in the Welsh Junior League final at Newport.

 On Saturday in the Plate final Brecon's George Thomas set a new record of exactly 38 seconds in the Plate final but the following day Schwabauer went even better, clocking 37.96.

 It was not a good weekend for the two North Wales clubs, however, despite some very respectable individual performances. In the Plate Final Wrexham finished eighth, Brecon taking the title, and then North Wales champions Menai finished in the same position on Sunday, with Swansea as champions.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Race The Train


Stockport's Andi Jones, who leaves shortly to live in Qatar, bade farewell to the area by retaining his title in the 14-mile Race the Train event at Tywyn.

 His time of 78.40 was just a few seconds down on last year's winning time but he was 90 seconds clear of Gareth Raven (Sale), who is always highly-placed in the race. This year the event was a counter in the Welsh Trail Championship and the third man home was Welshman Sullivan Smith.

 Results: 1 A Jones (Stockport, M35) 78.40, 2 G Raven (Sale, M40) 80.10, 3 S Smith (Cambridge, M35) 81.22, 4 P Green (Sale, M40) 83.10, 5 P James (Clapham) 85.59, 6 A Reynolds (Neath) 86.54. M5: 3 P Gould (Kenilworth) 88.33. M40: 3 A Miles (Sphinx) 89.46.  M45: 1 P Keen (Swindon) 91.45, 2 J Burch (Wigston) 92.12, 3 M Wilcock (Accrington) 93.10. M50: 1 T Partridge (Wrexham) 94.07, 2 M Belshaw (Eryri) 98.45, 3 T Wigley (Bourne) 1-40.22. M55: 1 A Rowe (Wesham) 93.53, 2 H Marsden (Exmouth) 97.25, 3 M Williams (Kenilworth) 1-42.00. M60: 1 J Collier (Wesham) 1-42.41, 2 S O'Neill 1-47.58, 3 N Owen (Prestatyn) 1-48.52. M65: 1 K Smith (Marshall Milton Keynes) 1-53.36, 2 T Hillier (East Cheshire) 1-59.08).
 Ladies: 1 A Leck (L35) 94.23, 2 N Nealon (Huncote, L45) 98.01, 3 K Beecher (Les Croupiers, L35) 98.59, 4 M Clarke (Telford, L40) 1-41.40, 5 T Johnson (Dewsbury, L50) 1-42.16, 6 J Nayler (Biggleswade, L40) 1-42.57. L45: N Morgan (Chepstow) 1-43.30.

 The 10k Quarry Challenge was won by Eryri's road-running specialist Brendan Rothery' his time of 38.17 reflecting the toughness of the multi-terrain course.

 Results: 1 B Rothery (Eryri, M35) 38.17, 2 D Barnby (Fairwater) 38.26, 3 A Williams 38.57, 4 S Chambers (M35) 42.19, 5 E Wilson (Trentham) 42.56, 6 D Vaughan (Wolverhampton) 43.40. M35: 3 A Adkin (Manchester Tri) 45.14. M40: 1 C Tweedie (Cobra) 43.40, 2 D Blythe (Telford H) 44.17, 3 M Lazzati (Lewes) 45.15. M45: 1 J Calvert (Dewsbury) 45.50, 2 S Davis (Lymm) 45.52, 3 P Clare 46.28. M50: 1 M Anderson (Pewsey) 45.27, 2 A Yates (Meirionnydd) 46.59, 3 C Baker (Wigston) 47.56. M55: 1 K Smibert (Pewsey) 46.54, 2 L Jones (FRA) 47.26, 3 A Gates (Totton) 48.13. M60: 1 J Price (Liv H) 48.54, 2 R Morris (San Domenico) 51.29, 3 D Pilbeam (Totton) 52.00. M65: 1 T Burke (Penny Lane) 43.21. M70: J Thomas (Corby) 58.25.
 Ladies: 1 K O'Hanlon (Dunboyne, L40) 45.55, 2 C Todd  46.37, 3 A Jones (Fairwater, L45) 47.28, 4 W Mullineux (Heanor) 48.28, 5 G Manton (L40) 49.17, 6 S McDowall (Portobello) 49.55.

BMC Grand Prix


Sale's Charlie Hulson joined a class field for the BMC Grand Prix at Solihull and although he finished eighth in his 5,000m race set a new pb of 14-24.20.

Birchwood 10k


As usual there was a fair sprinkling of North Wales athletes in the strong field at the Birchwood 10k in Warrington, where runners had to contend with a blustery wind on a new course.

 John Morris (Denbigh) was the first North Walian home in 44th place, with a time of 37.34. Chris Birch (Abergele) won the L65 class in 47.47, Abbie Cheetham was first junior lady in a pb of 43.50 and Roger Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn) won the M75 class in 54.24.

 Among other local results were: 83 Chris Thomas (Cybi) 39.42, 141 David Baugh (Denbigh) 41.35, 185 Russ Cheetham 43.14, 233 Sian Beck (Prestatyn) 44.54, 252 Duncan Jones (Denbigh) 45.32, 371 David A Jones (Denbigh) 48.29, 446 Mary Jeal (Denbigh) 50.32.

Celtic Games


With names like her's it was no surprise that Deeside sprinter Shannon Malone felt at home in "Dublin's Fair City" where put on a sparkling performance in the Celtic Games.

 Despite a headwind she won the U18 100 metres in 12.10 seconds, a performance which earned her the award for the outstanding performance by a Welsh female. In the same race Colwyn Bay's Moli Jones clocked 13.23.

 Shannon, along with Commonwealth Games athlete Hannah Brier, were in the 4 x 100 relay team which set a Games record of 44.90.

 The three North Wales captains of the Welsh teams led by example, Cari Hughes (Menai) winning the U16 800m in 2-14.59 and Matthew Willis (Wrexham) was 2nd in the U16 1,500m in 4-10.09.

 Nathan Thomason (Colwyn Bay) set a new pb in the U18 shot and came fourth in the hammer, while two other Deeside throwers were also in good form. Sabrina Fortune was 3rd in the discus and Amber Rimmington set a new Celtic Games record of 52.07m  in winning the U18 discus.

 Abi Backshall (Colwyn Bay) set a pb of 2-15.08 in the U18 800m and was a member of the 4 x 400 relay which came third.

 Sion Roberts (Swansea, ex-Wrexham) finished 4th in the U18 200m but his 4 x 100 relay came first.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Askern 10


Rhyl's Welsh international Katie Parry (Leeds City) repeated her 2013 success by winning the Askern 10-miler near Doncaster.

 The miserable wet conditions affected the times and Katie's time of 62.23 was 80 seconds down on last year's result.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Arenig race


As it was a counter in the Cotswold Outdoor North Wales Series the Arenig race attracted a better field than usual, so it was no surprise that the course records were smashed.

 First man home Lloyd Taggart (Manx) took almost nine minutes off the record, while his partner Jackie Lee went even better, slicing 10 minutes off the ladies' best. The runners-up also beat the old course records.

 Results: 1 L Taggart (Manx, M40) 85.38, 2 R Roberts (Eryri) 87.22, 3 K Steinegger (Ambleside) 98.02, 4 C Fitzpatrick (ua, M40) 98.06, 5 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 98.13. M50: 1 I Edgar (Eryri) 1-48.52, 2 N Shepperd (Bowland) 1-49.01, 3 S Toogood (Buckley) 1-49.05. M60: 1 A French (Wrexham) 2-17.17, 2 M Blake (Eryri) 2-19.43, 3 G Gunner (Croft Ambrey) 2-23.16. Ladies: 1 J Lee (Eryri) 1-39.39, 2 A Rowlands (Eryri, L40) 1-47.33, 3 M Gillie (Clwydian) 1-56.43, 4 N Spinks (Dark Peak, L40) 1-57.46. L50: 1 S Howarth (Mercia) 2-09.34, 2 E Collins (Denbigh) 2-13.24.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

North Wales Half


Stockport's Andi Jones, who leaves this month for a new job in Qatar, began his acclimatisation by winning the North Wales Half-Marathon in Conwy.

 With his future running likely to take in the dunes he felt at home on the two stretches of beach at the start and finish, and with six wins in the Snowdon race under his belt the climb up the Sychnant Pass was also relatively problem-free, but he still declared that it was the toughest "half" he had ever done.

 He finished over two minutes clear of second-place Jon Bowie, with the women's title going to Liverpool veteran Jenny Clague.

 Results: 1 A Jones (Stockport, M35) 75.06, 2 J Bowie (Trismart) 77.29, 3 E Banks (Birmingham) 79.53, 4 D Weston (Wrexham, M35) 82.45, 5 G Williams 84.40. U21: J Daffern 1-52.37. M35: 3 D Owen (Eryri) 86.58. M40: 1 M Williams (F1) 85.34, 2 D Blazier (Abergele) 89.01, 3 V Barton (Mercia) 91.32. M45: 1 J Fellick (Wallasey) 91.45, 2 D Baker (Denbigh) 99.26, 3 S Coleman (Astley and Tyldesley) 1-40.26. M50: 1 M Belshaw (Eryri) 94.37, 2 F Sweeney (Sale) 95.18, 3 T Darkey 1-41.58. M55: 1 PMW Jones 1-41.39, 2 T Poole (Thornton Cleveleys) 1-50.45, 3 P Walters (Winston) 1-51.58. M60: 1 B Sheppard 1-41.30, 2 G Stanton (Cheshire Tally Ho) 1-49.39, 3 B Thain 1-58.21. M65: 1 JG Evans (Aberystwyth) 1-52.33, 2 M Winstanley (Rochdale) 2-02.03, 3 G Wright (Les Cr) 2-32.29.

 Ladies: 1 J Clague (Liv H, L40) 93.29, 2 M Jones (Valley) 94.44, 3 V Walls (Spectrum) 97.52, 4 D Raggett (Cornwall, L40) 99.32, 5 T Llewellyn (Cybi, L35) 1-40.04. U21: R James 2-19.11. L35: 2 J Macey (Wrekin) 1-46.35, 3 R Cullen (Stainland) 1-48.38. L40: 3 C Green (NWRR) 1-55.49. L45: 1 D Kirkham (Sweatshop_ 1-46.46, 2 M Lupton (Red Rose) 1-56.34, 3 M Stephenson 2-05.32. L50: 1 K Bennett (Wrekin) 1-52.03, 2 C Morrison (Birkenhead) 2-00.53, 3 S Phillips 2-02.21. L55: 1 D Kenwright (Sarn Helen) 1-51.38, 2 V Sheppard 2-18.21, 3 R Rick (Penny Lane) 2-21.41. L60: V Edwards 2-01.51. L70: K Ling (Wrekin) 3-33.44.

Aberdaron race


Steve Walker, from Chester, was the winner of the eight-mile multi-terrain race at Aberdaron, which includes sections of the scenic coastal path.

 Results: 1 S Walker (Chester, 1st vet) 55.45, 2 Dyfed Thomas (Eryri) 55.56, 3 Owen Roberts (Porthmadog) 57.14, 4 Noel Craine (Eryri, 2nd vet) 57.47, 5 Rhys ab Elwyn (Eryri, 3rd vet) 58.39, 6 Gwilym Batchelder (Morfa Nefyn) 59.00. Ladies: 1 Rhian David (USA) 74.22, 2 Carol Morrison (Wirral), 3 Claire Davies (USA).

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Super Saturday


North Wales athletes played a major part in what turned out to be an excellent final night's athletics for Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

 Having been disqualified and then reinstated in the 4 x 100 metres relay the Welsh women lined up against some of the world's top athletes in the final.

 The young quartet of 16-year-old Hannah Brier, Hannah Thomas (Wrexham), Mica Moore and Rachel Johncock (Swansea, ex-Colwyn Bay) did Wales and themselves proud with a series of slick changeovers. They came in seventh but once again improved the Welsh record to 44.51.

 Meanwhile Hawarden's Sally Peake and her fellow pole-vaulters had to brave the worst weather of the Games, but while several other competitors faltered the former Deeside athlete put in a very gutsy series of vaults.

 She led for much of the competition before failing at 4.35m, allowing Australia's Alana Boyd to move clear and win gold with a clearance at 4.40.

 Sally twice failed at that height but her silver medal was just reward for an outstanding performance.

Counties' challenge


North Wales, who have sent teams to races over the border in the past, are to host a return visit.

 Both Cheshire and Staffordshire have confirmed that they have accepted an invitation to an inter-counties challenge within the Abergele 5 race on November 2.

 Once again the race will also incorporate the North Wales championship.