Sunday, 28 February 2016

Welsh XC Champs


An appeal for more North Wales athletes to travel south for the annual Welsh  cross-country championships produced results not only in quantity but also in quality.

 No fewer than 12 competitors came away from Swansea with medals, once again highlighting the depth of young talent in the region at present.

 The turnout from seniors remained disappointing apart from an Eryri ladies' squad, but Rob Samuel  kept the flag flying with a brilliant run, finishing second to the in-form GB international Dewi Griffiths.

 Cari Hughes (Menai) and Mia Roberts (Deeside) completed a " double" by taking gold two weeks after winning the Welsh Schools' titles, the former once again getting the better of the highly-rated Heidi Davies (Brecon).

 Among the North Wales placings were:-
Boys under 11: 1 Math Thomas (Menai) 6.20, 2 Roman Hodgson (Deeside) 6.23, 13  Josef Morgan (Menai) 7.18, 14 Ioan Oldfield (Ysgol Bryn Coch) 7.21.
 Boys under 13: 1 Osian Perrin (Menai) 11.43, 2 Mike Spill (Eryri) 11.46, 4 James Jones (Dee) 11.59, 9 Cai La Trobe Roberts (Menai) 12.39, 14 Eden Potter (Menai) 13.06.
 Boys under 15: 2 Cedol Dafydd (Menai) 14.49, 2 Ethan Ackroyd (Dee) 15.06, 10 Roland Finnie (Menai) 15.26, 16 Tomos Land (Menai) 16.08, 26 Ifan Oldfield (Wrex) 16.38.
 Men under 17: 3 Oliver Barbaresi (Menai) 18.26, 5 Joseph Crutchley (Maldwyn) 19.27, 10 Cai Linton-Davies (Menai) 20.00.
 Men under 20: 1 Iolo Hughes (Menai) 24.06.
 Senior men: 2 Rob Samuel (Eryri) 36.54, 63 Russ Godwin (Colwyn Bay) 45.57, 109 Clive Edgington (Meir) 51.37.

 Girls under 11: 1 Neisha Roberts (Dee) 6.56, 11 Elen Edwards (Dee) 7.53.
 Girls under 13: 2 Orla Davies (Dee) 12.52, 4 Samia Jones (Menai) 13.07, 11 Rheagan Edwards (Dee) 14.02, 16 Ffion Rees Jones (Menai) 14.15, 18 Georgina Parkinson (Menai)  14.19, 19 Abbi Parkinson (Menai) 14.20, 30 Imogen Owen (Dee) 14.57, 31 Alys Rees Jones (Menai) 15.04.
 Girls under 15: 1 Mia Roberts (Dee) 16.13, 7 Laura Sharp (Dee) 17.18, 21 Swyn Edwards (Menai) 18.56, 29 Ellen Oldfield (Wrex) 19.49, 31 Catrin Donnelly (Menai) 19.52, 38 Lucy Hughes (Menai) 21.29.
Women under 20: 1 Cari Hughes (Menai) 20.45, 10 Emily Kearney (Wirral) 23.29, 13 Eabha Roberts (Menai) 23.52, 18 Martha Owen (Dee) 25.01, 34 Caitlin Howell-Wiliams (Menai) 27.57.
 Senior  women: 9 Sarah Kearney (Wirral, 2nd L40) 30.17, 27 Tammy Lewis-Jones (Eryri) 32.23, 36 Helen Blair (Eryri) 33.49, 48 Annie Williams (Eryri) 35.26 (3rd L55), 50 Hazel Berrett (Buckley) 35.50 (2nd L50) ,57 Chris Birch (Abergele) 36.06 (1st L65), 95 Maggie Oliver (Eryri) 44.02 (3rd L65).

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Welsh 10-mile champs


A strong headwind on the return stage along the promenade was the greatest challenge former Welsh marathon champion Alun Vaughan faced in the Rhyl 10-mile race.

 The event incorporated the Welsh championships and Vaughan (Eryri) had a surprisingly comfortable win as few athletes made the journey from South Wales.

 He finished in 55.54, with second-place Marc Brown (Keswick) 46 seconds behind, but as he had entered on the day the national title went to third-placed Adam Bull (Aberdare).

 First woman home in 65.39 was Hannah Oldroyd (Saltaire), who  holds numerous Parkrun records, and in second place was Myra Jones (Valley Striders), who won the Conwy Parkrun just 24 hours earlier. The Welsh title went to Amie Bagnall (Salford), who was fourth overall.

 The first six men were: 1 A Vaughan (Eryri, M35) 55.44 (chip time), 2 M Brown (Keswick 56.30, 3 A Bull (Aberdare) 57.13, 4 S Sayer (Menai)  57.42, 5 D Weston (Wrexham, M35) 58.42, 6 M Evans (Aberdare) 58.53.

 First six ladies: 1 H Oldroyd (Saltaire) 65.39, 2 M Jones (Valley) 66.44, 3 M Clarke (Telford, L40)  67.06, 4 A Bagnall (Salford) 68.07, 5 T Trueman (Lawley, L45) 70.16, 6 H Carter (Sandbach, L40) 71.03.

 Welsh championships:- U23 men: A Bull (Aberdare). S enior men: 1 Bull, 2 Sayer, 3 Weston. M35: 1 Weston, 2 E Land (Aberystwyth) 62.10, 3 H Owen (Les Croupiers) 68.21. M40: 1 M Green (NWRR) 61.41, 2 A Lewis (A berdare) 64.08, 3 D Blazier (Abergele) 64.43. M45: 1 S Roberts (Buckley) 62.19, 2 M Mayers (Abergele) 72.33, 3 M Witty (Deestriders) 74.51. M50: 1 M Pfeiffer (Brecon) 60.07, 2 R Jones (Shrews) 65.10, 3 M Belshaw (Eryri) 66.59. M55: 1 J Jones (Abergele) 73.27, 2 A Jones (Prestatyn) 77.05. M60: 1 K Slattery (NWRR) 68.51, 2 V Pownall (Abergele) 80.25, 3 C Hunt (Wrecsam Tri) 83.08. M65: 1 M Hayton (NWRR) 77.02, 2 R Jardine (Eryri) 1-52.35. M70: I Roberts (Eryri) 1-59.16. M75: 1 D Gardner (NWRR) 80.16, 2 R Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn) 96.36.
 Ladies U23: Bagnall. Senior ladies: 1 Bagnall, 2 C Green (NWRR) 72.46, 3 R Shipley (Abergele) 74.00. L35: 1 S Beck (Prestatyn) 76.10, 2 J Bancroft (Wrexham) 92.06. L40: 1 Green, 2 H Griffith (NWRR) 85.13, 3 D Jones (Abergele) 94.42. L45: 1 S McIndoe (Driders) 1-42.16, 2 B Goodson (Deestriders) 1-49.24. L50: 1 L Goodson (NWRR) 80.22, 2 C Frost (NWRR) 80.25, 3 K Hatton (NWRR) 80.59. L55: 1 S Jones (Cybi) 83.34, 2 S Calvert (Abergele) 96.49. L70: B Jones (Bro Dysyn ni)  1-42.57. L80: S Symonds (Meirionnydd) 2-47.23.

 Full results can be found on the TDL Events website.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Welsh Schools' XC


The current batch of young North Wales athletes is probably the strongest for many years, and the strength-in-depth was underlined at the Welsh Schools' cross-country championships in Brecon.

 A fine all-round performance earned Eryri region second place overall behind the always-strong Dyfed squad, and there were  numerous superb individual performances.

 Gold medals went to Deeside AC member Mia Roberts (Brynhyfryd, Ruthin, junior girls), Oliver Barbaresi (Friars, Bangor, middle boys) and Cari Hughes (Syr Thomas Jones, Amlwch, senior girls), who claimed the illustrious scalp of GB international Heidi Davies (Llandrindod).

 There were also silver medals for Samia Jones (Syr Hugh Owen, Year 7), Orla Davies (Mold Alun, junior girls), Osian Perrin (Llangefni, junior boys) and Ch ristian Smith (Coleg Cambria, senior boys), and bronze for Joseph Crutchley (Llanidloes, middle boys).

 North Wales athletes who gained top 20 places included:

 Boys Year 7: 11 Louis Lloyd (John Bright) 11.35, 12 Huw Jones (Brynhyfryd) 11.37, 13 Matthew Anthony (Mold Alun) 11.38, 14 Alex Palmer (Darland) 11.39, 17 Ioan Hughes (Moelwyn) 11.44. Team: 3 North East Wales.

 Junior Boys: 2 Osian Perrin (Llangefni) 15.51, 4 Mike Spill (Friars) 15.57, 7 Tomos Land (Dyffryn Conwy) 16.21, 14 James Jones (Argoed) 16.53, 15 Dillon Gill (Welshpool) 16.55, 16 Cai Le Trobe Roberts (Tryfan) 17.10, 20 Lewis Parry (Grango) 17.21. Team: 1 Eryri.

 Middle Boys: 1 Oliver Barbaresi (Friars) 20.05, 3 Joseph Crutchley (Llanidloes) 20.23, 7 Roland Finney (Tryfan) 21.29, 8 Cedol Dafydd (Tryfan) 21.33, 9 Ryan Owen (Dyffryn Nantlle) 21.43. Team: 2 Eryri.

 Senior Boys: 2 Christian Smith (Coleg Cambria) 23.12, 10 Cai Linton (Friars) 24.18, 16 Matthew Pleavin (Coleg Menai) 25.31, 18 Ryan Cain (Syr Hugh Owen) 25.53. Team: 2 Eryri.

Girls Year 7: 2 Samia Jones (Syr Hugh Owen) 11.39, 7 Ellie Small (Hawarden) 12.32, 10 Carys Walcham (Flint) 12.37, 11 Alys Jones (Syr Hugh Owen) 12.46, 12 Eve Scott (Prestatyn) 12.50, 14 Hannah Smith (Mold Alun) 12.58. Team: 3 North East Wales.

 Junior Girls: 1 Mia Roberts (Brynhyfryd) 13.49, 2 Orla Davies (Mold Alun) 14.17, 8 Laura Sharp (Mold Alun) 14.48, 11 Rheagan Edwards (St Richard Gwyn) 15.07, 17 Bethan Davies (Creuddyn) 15.36, 18 Manon Henderson (David Hughes)  15.39. Team: 2 North East Wales.

Middle Girls: 6 Eabha Roberts (Syr Thomas Jones) 18.25, 9 Sophie Paxton (Maelor) 18.49, 10 Holly Roberts (Glan Clwyd) 18.58, 18 Ellie Williams (Morgan Llwyd) 19.56.

Senior Girls: 1 Cari Hughes (Syr Thomas Jones) 18.46, 6 Rhiannon Kamink (Creuddyn) 22.19, 12 Ellis New (Eirias) 24.02, 16 Elen Norris (Friars) 24.28. Team: 1 Eryri.

Village Bakery Half-Marathon


After last year's win by Tarus Elly Joe Bailey made it a "double" for the Salford club  when he won the Village Bakery half-marathon in Wrexham

 A former winner of the Conwy half-marathon, he finished in a nippy 68.24, almost 90 seconds clear of his clubmate Nathan Kilcourse. In thidd place was Joe Rainsford (Heanor).

 The ladies' title and £100 prize went to Hannah Jarvis (Dorking) in 80.33, just two seconds ahead of Jenny Knass (Stockport). 

 The race, which attracted over 1,000 entrants, incorporated the North Wales championships, with the regional titles going to Richard Roberts (Eryri), who was 5th overall, and newcomer Ceri Cook (Buckley).

 Full results can be found on the Cute Fruits Events website.

 North Wales championship winners were :- Senior men: 1 R Roberts (Eryri, M35) 71.00, 2 R Roberts (Cybi) 74.37, 3 M Green (NWRR, M40) 76.26. M35: 1 Roberts, 2 J Loxam (Stockport) 76.46, 3 A Vaughan (Eryri) 77,42. M40: 1 Green, 2 S Stocker (Prestatyn) 88.18, 3 M Cartwright (Wrexham) 1-49.04. M45: 1 S Roberts (Buckley) 79.10, 2 G Nicholls (Prestatyn) 83.01, 3 D Millington (Wrex) 90.37. M50: 1 L Wasnidge (Buckley) 91.15, 2 J Evans (NWRR) 99.57, 3 M Norris (Deestriders) 1-52.08. M55: 1 J Jones (Abergele) 1-34.01, 2 D Wooton (Buckley) 1-44.10. M 60: 1 M Cortvriend (Denbigh) 95.33, 2 C Hunt (Wrecsam Tri)  1-41.39, 3 S Bellis (Buckley) 1-42.04. M75: D Gardner (NWRR) 1-44.08.
 Ladies. U23: A Reid (Prestatyn) 1-53.22. SL: 1 C Cook (Buckley, L45)  91.44, 2 S Dutton (Buckley, L35)  93.40, 3 K Evans (Denbigh, L40) 1-48.47. L35: 1 Dutton, 2 J Bancroft (Wrexham) 2-02.41.  L40: 1 Evans, 2 J Edwards (Prestatyn) 1-55.15. L45: 1 Cook. L50: 1 A Hutchinson (Maldwyn) 1-57.17, 2 A Baty (Wrexham) 2-22.38. L55: 1 D Richards (Prestatyn) 1-50.36, 2 S Roberts (Prestatyn) 2-06.06, 3 D Wade (Prestatyn) 2-28.20. 

Ras Moel y Ci


Michael Corrales (North Wales RR) has chalked up some very useful performances on the road over the past 12 months but he claimed what was probably his best result yet when he finished second to Welsh international Gareth Hughes in Ras Moel y Ci.

 The traditional opener to the fellracing season, held at Tregarth, attracted the usual good field, with Sarah Ridgway finishing an excellent 19th overall to take the women's prize.

 Results: 1 G Hughes (Mercia) 39.05, 2 M Corrales (NWRR) 39.52, 3 O Roberts (Eryri)  40.15, 4 H O'Donnell (Eryri) 42.14, 5 S Davies (Eryri) 42.16, 6 R Roberts (Eryri) 43.04. M40: 1 J Moore (Eryri) 43.26, 2 M Davies (NWRR) 43.55, 3 DW Jones (Eryri) 44.03. M50: 1 D Soles (Pennine) 45.28, 2 D Baugh (Denbigh) 47.19, 3 I Edgar (Eryri) 49.42. M60: 1 D Jones (Eryri) 56.21, 2 P "Tan" Jones (Eryri) 58.31, 3 D Owen (Eryri) 70.18. M70: D Williams (Eryri) 57.26, 2 J Morris (Buckley) 64.33.
 Ladies: 1 S Ridgway (Run Snowdonia, L40) 46.16, 2 L Ir vine (Eryri) 50.18, 3 J Charlton (Eryri, L40) 51.19, 4 S Harley (Eryri) 53.10, 5 V Whitehead (Denbigh, L40) 53.31, 6 C Belshaw (Denbigh) 53.55. L50: A Thomas (Eryri) 54.42, 2 M Baugh (Denbigh) 64.02, 3 A Russell (Cybi) 76.52. L60: M Oliver (Eryri) 72.07.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Manchester XC


Several   athletes with North Wales connections had good runs in the Manchester Area Cross-Country League match at Wythenshaw Park, with Welsh international Ian Mitchell (Tipton) coming second.

 Former Bangor student James Wignall (Sale) was 5th and he was followed by Daniel Kashi (Sale, 12th), Callum Rowlinson (Sale, 20th) and Joseph Hudak (East Cheshire, 30th).

Monday, 8 February 2016

David recovers


Though the cross-country League season came to a close on an unusual note with the absence of long-serving secretary David Alun Williams the gloom was lifted with the news that he had returned home from hospital after a five-week stay.

 By coincidence, his discharge came only hours before it was announced at the League's prize giving that he was to receive the Bebbington Shield for Endeavour, for which he himself usually chooses the recipient.

Grand Prix Ex XC League


Two tough races in 24 hours are a test for anyone but Simon Cole (GOGS) made it a weekend to remember.

 On Saturday he finished  fourth in the final fixture of the Grand Prix Express North Wales Cross-Country League at Oswestry, and that meant that over the season he finished equal first with Gabe Morris (Shrewsbury).

 The following day he proved the appropriateness of his club's name  - the acronym stands for Great Orme Goats - when he won the Nick Beer 10k in windy conditions in Llandudno.

 Shrewsbury won the Division 1 men's title at Oswestry with Eryri Harriers winning the ladies' competition, and Oswestry finished second in both. GOGS ended a very successful first season in the League, their ladies winning the Division 2 trophy and their men being narrowly pipped by Colwyn Bay.

 The full results of the Oswestry fixture and end-of-season awards are on the North Wales Cross-Country League website, while the Nick Beer 10k results are on the TDL Events site.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

BUCS Champs


 Eryri Harrier Bronwen Jenkinson, a first-year student at Leeds University, has been in fine form recently, finishing first in   the PECO Cross-Country League fixture in the city two weeks ago. On Sunday she finished  40th in the BUCS championships in Gloucester.

 At the same meeting former Eryri member Daniel Kashi (Sale and Bangor Uni), who finished third in last week's North Wales championships in Corwen, was 98th in 35.02. Among other results were: 202 Simon A nnets (Bangor) 38.12, 269 Oliver Eady (Bangor)  40.44, 303 David Wika Von Czarisowsk (Glyndwr Uni) 42.58.

Alsager 5


Wrexham's Bernie Jones extended his winning sequence with another age-group win in the Alsager 5.

 In recent weeks he has won the M55 category in the Welsh Masters' 1,500m championships and Delamere Parkruns, and he transferred his form to the road to clock 30.09 in Alsager.

 The first North Wales finisher, in 15th place overall, was former Abergele Harrier Josh Dixon (Stroud), who clocked 25.45. Emma Crowe (Wrexham) was second L40 in 31.14 and among other North Wales results were: 139 Amie Bagnall (Salford/Prestatyn) 32.03, 156 Matty Smith (Prestatyn) 32.30, 271 Jeff Davies (Meirionnydd) 35.44 (2nd M65).