Sunday, 30 November 2014

L'pool Cross Challenge


Wrexham's  Matthew Willis, the English Schools' cross-country champion, turned in another outstanding performance to win the opening race in this year's British Cross Challenge in Liverpool's Sefton Park.

 He won the U15 event by just two seconds from Peter Curtis (New Marske), while Menai's Oliver Barbaresi also produced a superb run to  come 4th, just seven second behind Willis.

 North Wales  5k champion Georgina Outten (Birchfield) put herself  among the places for the European championships  by finishing sixth in the U20 ladies' race, just 19 seconds behind Commonwealth Games representative Jessica Judd, while in his first year in the same category Iolo Hughes (Menai) came 19th a few days after his 18th birthday..

 Charlie Hulson (Sale), who  finished eighth in Liverpool last year, was 11th this time and the first Welshman home in a high-quality senior men's field.

 In the senior ladies' race Alison Lavender (Oswestry), who leads the North Wales League competition, finished 31st.

 Among other North Wales athletes who made the trip were:- Girls under 13:  65 Ffion Madi Rees Jones (Menai). Girls under 15: 17 Martha Owen (Deeside). Boys under 13: 37 Tomos Land (Colwyn Bay). Men under 17: 31 Christian Smith (Wrexham)

Athlete's profile (21)



CLUB: Wrexham

PREVIOUS CLUBS: Barrow AC, Birchfield AC, Colchester AC, Rhyl AC, Liverpool Pembroke A & CC, Thames Valley Harriers

AGE: 80 (DOB: 24.3.1934)

OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: Football, golf, table-tennis

HOW LONG COMPETING: Started competing in 1950  shortly after leaving school.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Railway signalling and accident investigations, also 1960s music. Instrumental in starting Rhyl AC and North Wales CC League.

FAVOURITE RACING DISTANCE: Initially half-mile (880 yards), now 5k and 10k.

FAVOURITE RACE AND WHY: 5th July, 1958, Wales v Nigeria, half-mile. I won the race in 1m 53s which broke the Welsh Native record held by Jim Alford.

FAVOURITE TRAINING SESSION: In the 1960s Sunday mornings during the winter - 20 x 880 around Marine Lake with 440 recovery; in the summer - 16 x 220 with 110 recovery.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Representing Wales in the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

WHOM DO YOU MOST ADMIRE: Seb Coe for his outstanding ability on the track and for all that he has done for the sport - a true ambassador.

PERSONAL AMBITIONS: In recent years, having fractured both femurs (on separate occasions) and had a mini-stroke (TIA) all during running, I have been put on medication which includes statins that has resulted in my legs feeling tired and aching even before I run. In consequence, despite training six days a week I am not running anywhere near as well as I ought to. I am continually striving to overcome this problem but at present with little if any success.

ANY REGRETS: Not having received any coaching, I always used to base my training on ding as much as possible in a session, even in the middle of the track season regularly doing 12 x 440 with a 220 recovery. I realise now that I ought to have been doing less in quantity and more in quality.

EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCES: There have been many, but a rather amusing incident was during a road race many years ago in Mid-Wales there was a shortage of marshals along the course and nearing the finish in the lead I took a wrong turning and found myself approaching the finish line from the opposite direction, with the timkeepers facing the other way. As I crossed the line the look on their faces was a sight to behold.

WHAT CHANGES WOULD I LIKE TO SEE:  I would very much like to see handicap track races reintroduced. In the Cheshire/Lancashire areas in the 1960s there used to be handicap meetings sponsored by Widnes Police, St Helens Police, Liverpool Police, BICC Helsby, Pilkington Glass St Helens, Liverpool Parks and Gardens and Chester Council, with a track on the Roodee.
 I ran in the half-mile event which involved 3 or 4 heats with about 30 runners in each, the first six in each heat qualifying for the final held later in the programme. When you ran your first handicap race you were given a mark that you were to run off, usually about 75 yards, and if you won the race your mark was reduced to 8 yards, 4 yards if you were second or   third, the next time you raced. If you were not placed in any of the races during the season your mark was increased next year.

 At the start of the race runners would be positioned at intervals around the track coinciding with their individual marks. The back-markers would usually run off 20 to 30 yards while the frontrunners were off 120 yards and you retained your mark during both heat and final. Being a back-marker you had to run as fast as you could from the gun to ensure you caught the front markers before the finish, which ensured you had to run to your limit.

 There was also an excellent club one-mile medley relay incorporated into the programme (the only non-handicap event) with teams consisting of 2 x 220 runners, a x 440 and a half-mile  runner, the race progressing in this order. There was a most attractive  prize list for each event.
How I came to take up the sport: My friends and I used to play a lot of football with a small ball on the promenade in Rhyl, usually on Sunday mornings,  with coats for goalposts and no other boundaries. I gradually realised that I was getting as much, if not more, enjoyment from running around as I was from the football, so I decided to enter the County Athletics Championships at the Coronation Gardens, and won both the 440 and 880 events.
 Shortly after this I was called up to do my National Service in the RAF and subsequently found myself in Baghdad. Whilst there I became friendly with a member of Liverpool Pembroke and he put me in touch with their club trainer who I was invited  to meet on my demob. This I did and turned up on a Saturday afternoon  with my running kit.
 We went out for a road run and after a  couple of miles he said we would be returning along the same route and suggested that I might like to stride out on the way back, which I did, thinking "I'll show him how good I am", overlooking the fact that I was 20 and he was in his late 50s.
 Over a drink he suggested I might like to come down the following week and be introduced to the Pembroke team before taking part in a Mob Run, which was a road race with all the Liverpool clubs taking part. The next week I turned up and learned that the race was to take place in a residential area.
 Wanting to make a good impression, I shot into the lead from the gun but after a couple of miles began to feel a little tired and asked a nearby runner if we were near the finish, to which he replied: "We're not halfway yet" .
 By now several runners were passing me and I started to get a little concerned at the possibility of being lost in a residential area. Just then a guy in a red and white ringed Pembroke vest came alongside me and asked if I was OK, to which I replied that I was shattered because I had gone off too fast.
 To my relief he stayed with me to the finish. I later learned he was the club captain and could easily have won the race. In consequence on the train home I thought what a wonderful club/sport  I had become involved with if a fellow competitor would be prepared to forsake his personal performance to help me. We subsequently became great friends and team-mates.

 A somewhat reversal of roles occurred  recently in the Guilden Sutton 10k, following which a female competitor e-mailed Wrexham club secretary Bob Frost to thank me for having helped and encouraged her to finish what was her first race


100 yards: 10.9s, 1958
200 yards: 23.2s , 1958
440 yards: 50.7s, 1958
880 yards: 1m 53.5s, 1958
1 mile: 4m 16s, 1960
1,500m: 3m 56s,  1960
10m: 52m 30s,  1968
20m: 1h 50m 40s, 1966
Half-Marathon: 1h 12m 42s
Marathon: 2h 39m 20s, Harlow, 1966.

TOTAL MILEAGE  RUN:  1052 to date - 135,500 miles (No record of number of running shoes  worn out in the process).

Friday, 28 November 2014

Lanzarote week


Tomos Roberts (Meirionnydd), the current North Wales 5k champion, continued to work hard during his recent holiday in the Canaries.

 The International Running Week at Club La Santa, Lanzarote, involved a 10k, a 13k ridge run, a 5k beach run and a half-marathon, and Tomos finished third overall.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Conwy Half


Jordanian Mohammad Abu-Rezek, winner of this year's Chester, Wilmslow and Four Villages half-marathons, claimed another victory in the Conwy Half  - but only by the narrowest of margins.

 The Altrincham athlete finished just one second ahead of Ethiopian Yared Hagos, who has chalked up wins himself in Sunderland, Northumberland and Leicester. The first North Wales-based finisher, in a superb third place, was Russell Bentley (Kent/Eryri).

 The 2013 ladies' champion, Alison Lavender (Oswestry), had to settle for second this time behind former Telford member Kim Fawke-Williams.

 Results: 1 M Abu-Rezek (Altrincham)  67.16, 2 Y Hagos (Wallsend) 67.17, 3 R Bentley (Kent) 68.51, 4 S Robinson (RAF) 71.33, 5 C Rowlinson (Sale/ Bangor Uni) 74.28, 6 S Sayer (Menai) 75.08. M35: 1 D Lemon (Deeside) 79.42, 2 G Boughey 80.14, 3 M Phillips 80.45. M40: 1 R Grantham (Chester Tri) 76.57, 2 M Green (NWRR) 78.11, 3 M Goulbourne 78.33. M45: 1 G Green (Warrington) 76.50, 2 C Hollinshead (Stafford) 76.52, 3M Dorrill (Kenilworth) 82.32. M50: 1 A Green (Warr) 75.37, 2 R ab Elwyn (Eryri) 85.36, 3 S Rogers (Pensby) 86.18. M55: 1 N Phillips 86.31, 2 D Hodgson (New Marske) 88.01, 3 J Foy (Chester Tri) 88.41. M60: 1 B Sheppard 92.25, 2 D Nalder (Ell Port) 94.35, 3 T Marshall 94.41. M65: 1 R Johnson (Sneyd) 1-44.06, 2 C Davies (Altr) 1-43.54, 3 JG Evans (Aberystwyth) 1-43.37. M70: P Jones (Prestatyn) 2-04.35.

 Ladies: 1 K Fawke-Williams (Centurion, L35) 77.51, 2 A Lavender (Osw) 78.59, 3 K Crickmore (Stockport, L35) 79.59, 4 D McVey (Wilmslow, L35) 80.41, 5 L Custance (Clapham, L35) 81.15, 6 H Oldroyd 84.28. L40: S Gray (Cannocvk) 89.15, 2 S Fourie (Chester Tri) 98.36.  L45: 1 T Trueman (Lawley) 95.25, 2 C Hall (Wirral) 96.32, 3 L McEveley (Helsby) 98.55. L50: 1 E Jackson 98.59, 2 B Tiedtke (Prestatyn) 99.31, 3 J Edwards (Sh Shufflers) 1-40.12.  L55: 1 L Collinson (Sh Shufflers) 96.00, 2 S O'Brien (Knowsley) 1-45.12, 3 A Webster 1-47.56. L60: 1 A Oldham (East Chesh) 1-47.01, 2 P Newton (Market Drayton) 1-50.09, 3 P Clay 1-51.14.

BMAF XC International


Claire Martin (Telford), former champion of the North Wales Cross-Country League, won the L40 race at the British and Irish Masters' cross-country international at Wollaton Park, Nottingham, but the Welsh squad found the going hard against class opposition.

 Up against Martin, Wrexham's Emma Crowe finished 9th but was the first Welsh finisher.   Helen Davies (Wrecsam Tri) was also the first Welsh woman home and 9th overall in the L45 class.

 Among other North Wales results were:- Ladies 50-54: 13 Emma Collins (Denbigh, 2nd Welsh). Team: Bronze. Ladies 60-64: 13 Margaret Docking (Wrexham, 2nd Welsh). 65-69 6 Chris Birch (Abergele, 1st Welsh). Team: Bronze. Over 70: 10 Brenda Jones (Bro Dysynni)  . Team: Silver.

 Men 35-39: 5 Ian Mitchell.  40-44: 9 Darren Rowlands (Wrexham, 3rd Welsh), 29 Gary Blackwell (Deeside. Team: Bronze. 50-54: 25 Richard Jones (Shrewsbury). M55: 13 Gordon Jones (Prestatyn). M75: 10 D avid Hughes (Prestat yn), 11 Roger Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn).

 In the ladies' open 6k races Lisa Morley (Wrexham) was 17th and Alison Whitelaw (Wrexham) 34th.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Penmaenmawr race


Conditions were perfect for the 40th running of the popular Penmaenmawr fell-race which had 223 finishers.

 Eryri's Matthew Roberts was a clear winner, finishing over two minutes clear of clubmate Martin Cliffe, whileAndrea Rowlands equalled Jackie Lee's eight-year-old ladies' record of 1-23.5.  

 One of the most impressive results came from yet another Eryri stalwart, Stephen P Jones. Having just turned 60, he finished 13th overall.

 Results (all Eryri unless stated). 1 M Roberts 1-13.1, 2 M Cliffe (M40) 1-15.5, 3 Dylan W Jones (M40) 1-16.1, 4 I Houston (Wrecsam Tri, M40) 1-17.1, 5 H O'Donnell 1-17.2, 6 J Brown (Buckley, M40)  1-17 .3. M50: 1 R Owen 1-21.4, 2 M Belshaw  1-22.4, 3 S Toogood (Buckley) 1-23.0. M60: 1 SP Jones 1-20.2, 2 A Duncan (Bowland) 1-29.3, 3 A  Robinson (Helsby) 1-31.0.
 Ladies: 1 A Rowlands (L40) 1-23.5, 2 J Buckley (Calder)  1-28.5, 3 R Isaacs (Pensby, L50) 1-34.2, 4 B Law 1-35.2, 5 S Gilliver (ua, L50) 1-36.2, 6 M Hughes 1-37.1.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Abbey Dash 10k


As usual, the Abbey Dash 10k in Leeds attracted a high-quality field, with 15 breaking the 30-minute barrier.

 Throughout the field there were numerous pbs, including several by North Wales athletes.

 The first Welshman home, in 12th place, was Andrew Davies (Stockport) in 29.57, just one second of  former Bangor student Nick Swinburn, who was representing England.

 Among other results were:  28 Owain Jones (Bristol) 30.14 (pb), 49 Russell Bentley (Kent/Eryri) 30.55, 93 Richard Roberts (Eryri) 31.46 (pb), 131 Iolo Hughes (Menai, U20) 32.33 (pb), 140 Paul Jones (Oswestry, M40) 32.47 (pb), 151 Callum Rowlinson (Sale, Bangor Uni) 33.00 (pb), 166 Daniel Kashi (Eryri, Bangor Uni) 33.09 (pb).
 Ladies: 16 Alison Lavender (Oswestry) 34.58, 45 Emma Crowe (Wrexham) 36.53 (2nd L40).

N Staffs XC League


Wrexham's Christian Smith completed a hat-trick of wins in the North Staffs Cross-Country League at Park Hall and there were fine performances from other North Wales youngsters.

 Results. Boys under 13: 18 James Ebvns (Wrex).
 Boys under 15: 2 Sam Holt (Colwyn Bay).
 Men under 17: 1 Christian Smith (Wrex), 8 Sam Sussex (Wrex), 9 Ashley Williams (Wrex).
 Senior men: 48 Richard Watson, 83 Neal Jones, 108 Mark Jones,  187 Ian Mulligan, 189 Chris Williams (all Colwyn Bay),  219 Phil Walker, 258 Arthur Egan, 272 David A Williams, 278 Shaun Partington, 282 Mike H Edwards (all Wrex ).
 Girls under 15: 2 Sophie Paxton (Wrex).
  Senior women: 20 Abi Backshall (CB), 75 Vicky Ronald (CB), 142 Gill Czismadia (Wrex), 171 Maureen Singleton (CB)


Penrhyn Parkrun


The Parkrun phenomenon which is booming throughout the country finally came to North Wales and got off to a very promising start with over 170 runners lining up for the first 5k event in Penrhyn Castle, Bangor .

 First home was Russell Bentley (Kent), in 16.47 and he was followed by Owen Haswell (Barry and Vale) in 16.54 and Jamie Mellor (Liverpool Harriers), brother of England international Johnny I, in 17.29. The first three women were  Emma Collins (Denbigh in 21.07, Bronwen Jenkinson (Eryri), who was just three seconds behind, and Elliw Haf in 21.25.

 The Deganwy Parkrun is expected to begin next month.


Friday, 14 November 2014

Abbey Dash


Commonwealth Games marathon runner Andrew Davies from Forden, who won the Abergele 5 two weeks ago, is in the Welsh team for this Sunday's Abbey Dash 10k.

 The Stockport AC member is joined by Ricky Challinor (Liverpool Harriers) and Owain Jones (Bristol), while the women's trio is Emma Crowe (Wrexham), Ellie Davies (Brecon) and Jessica Parry-Williams (Les Croupiers).

Monday, 10 November 2014

Borders League (1)


It was Masters' Day at the opening of the Borders Road Running League season at Christleton with Deeside's Lee Jones, last year's overall champion, chalking up his sixth win and Gill Mead (Chester Tri, L50) recording her first victory.

 The 352 finishers was the second highest total in League history and the 113 ladies was a record. With five in the first 20 Wirral's men made a clear statement of intent to retain their Division 1 title, while Tattenhall, strengthened by the return of Marilyn Kitching, won the ladies' competition by 40 points.

 Results: 1 L Jones (Deeside, M45) 30.28, 2 D Weston (Wrex) 30.43, 3 D Longley (Prestatyn) 31.23, 4 P Robertson (Wirral)  31.38, 5 P Langan (Wirral) 32.00, 6 C Bishop (Helsby, M 50) 32.16, 7 A Sudlow (Tatt) 32.24, 8 V Van Woerkom (Chester Tri) 32.29, 9 B Lightowler (Abergele) 32.20, 10 C Thompson (Helsby) 32.33.
 U20: 1 C Seymour (Wirral) 32.49, 2 C Weaver (West Chesh) 34.54, 3 A Ryder (Prest)  38.45. M40: 1 D Blazier (Abergele) 33.08, 2 J Brown (Buck) 33.14, 3 S Roberts (Buck) 33.41. M45: 2 D Alexander (West Chesh) 33.03, 3 J Johnson (Wirral) 33.28. M50: 2 E Campbell (Buck) 33.18, 3 N Hershaw (West Chesh) 35.21. M55: 1 T Barbat (Wall) 34.04, 2 G Jones (Prest) 34.08, 3 R Freeman (West Chesh) 37.31. M60: 1 G  Ratcliffe (Wirral) 33.54, 2 L Coathup (Buck) 38.17, 3 G Nixon (Prest) 39.52. M65: 1 D Hough (West Chesh) 42.08, 2 M Ollier (Wrex) 43.27, 3 B Mossop (Buck) 43.46. M70: 1 D Williams (Eryri) 48.31, 2 B Beattie (West Chesh) 49.14, 3 J Morris (Buck) 54.33.

 Teams: Division 1: Wirral  350, Buckley 428, Wallasey 480, Chester Tri 683, Abergele 883, Ellesmere Port 1,088, Deeside 1,088. Division 2. Helsby 317, West Cheshire 367, Cybi Striders 498, Prestatyn 511, Wrecsam Tri 541, Tattenhall 644, Deestriders 802, Eryri 821, Wrexham 865, Birkenhead 1,379.

Masters. Buckley 191, Wallasey 272, West Cheshire 434, Wirral 463, Helsby 471, Wrecsam Tri 550, Chester Tri 601, Tattenhall 654, Cybi 695, Ellesmere Port 695, Prestatyn 706, Abergele 762, Deestriders 929, Eryri 949, Wrexham 1,155, Deeside 1,320, Birkenhead 1,643.

 Ladies: 1 G Mead (Chester Tri, L50) 35.51, 2 S Kearney (Wirral, L40) 36.01, 3 G Ross (Tattenhall, L35) 36.58, 4 M Kitching (Tatt, L45) 37.15, 5 E Kearney (Wirral, U20) 37.27, Z McLennan (Chester Tri) 37.46. U20: 2 H Nuttall (Wirrall) 41.27, 3 L Smith (West Chesh) 48.20. SL: 2 A Muller (West Chesh) 39.20, 3 J Dickson (Chester Tri) 39.26. L35: 2 J Jennions (Deestriders)  37.59, 3 A Grundy (Tatt) 38.01. L40: L Grantham (Chester Tri) 37.57, 3 S Fourie (Chester Tri) 39.27. L45: 2 J McHugh (Chester Tri) 39.59, 3 S Atkinson (Tatt) 40.55. L50: 2 J Richards (Abergele) 39.08, 3 C Shaw (Helsby) 42.17. L55: 1 D Richards (Prest)  45.04, 2 J Keasley (Helsby) 45.51, 3 S Ridings (Buck) 50.12. L60: 1 C Birch (Abergele) 42.47, 2 M Rees (Wall) 42.49, 3 J Fraser (Wirral) 46.08.

Teams. Division 1: Tattenhall 32, Ellesmere Port 72, Wirral 73, Helsby 123, Prestatyn 163, Buckley 179, Wallasey 251. Division 2: Chester Tri 14, West Cheshire 96, Abergele 104, Wrecsam Tri 120, Cybi 173, Deestriders 189, Wrexham 209, Eryri 268, Birkenhead 300, Deeside 300.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Rhobell Fawr


Eryri's Jackie Lee had to settle for second place in the Rhobell Fawr race at Llanfachreth, neat Dolgellau ,   but it was enough to  give her both the Inov-8/WFRA open and Cotswold Outdoor North Wales series titles, to go with her British title.

 Three course records were broken on the day - the junior men's record went to Eryri's 18-year-old Owen Huw Roberts, Mel Price (Mercia), who was third lady overall and first L40, set a new best for her age-group, and Emma Collins (Denbigh) recorded the fastest time in the L50 class.

 The 6-mile race, involving 1,900 feet of climbing, race was won by Oswestry veteran Paul Jones, who finished second two years ago.

 Results : 1 P Jones (Osw, M40) 51.35, 2 P Ryder (Cardiff) 51.45, 3 M Palmer (Mynydd Du, M50) 52.24, 4 M Cliffe (Eryri, M40) 53.54, 6 K Steinegger (Ambleside) 55.21. JM: 1 OH Roberts (Eryri) 56.57. M40: 3 J Brown (Buckley) 56.29. M50: 1 N Shepherd (Bowland) 58.42, 2 S Toogood (Buckley) 60.16, 3 D Powell (Aberystwyth) 62.22. M60: 1 G Gunner (Croft Ambrey) 72.59, 2 A French (Wrexham) 64.30, 3 D Tomlinson (Mercia) 75.22. M70: A Pratten (P)ensby) 85.59.
 Ladies: 1 C Rice (Glossopdale) 58.21, 2 J Lee (Eryri) 58.26, 3 M Price (Mercia, L40) 58.39. L50: E Collins (Denbigh) 70.43. L60: M Oliver (Eryri) 91.08.

 Inor-8/WFRA champions:- Mark Palmer and Jackie Lee. SM: Ryder. M40: D Fishwick (Chorley), M50: M Palmer. M60: G Gunner. M70: R West (MDC).L40: M Prce. L50: E Collins. L60: M Oliver. 

 Cotswold Outdoor North Wales Series: Paul Jones and Jackie Lee. SM: K Steinegger. M40: P Jones. M50: N Shepherd). M60: A French (Wrexham). M70: J Morris (Buckley). L40: A Rowlands (Eryri). L50: Collins. L60: Oliver.

Betws Trail


With three of the first four finishers England dominated the Betws Trail 10k at Betws-y-Coed which followed a sc enic route tp Llyn Elsi.

 Winner Carl Hardman (Salford) finished in a fast 35.34, with Tom Merson (Bristol) almost a minute behind.

 Matthew Roberts (Eryri) was the first Welshman home in fifth place, with Tim Davies (Maldwyn) eighth and Tomos Roberts (Meirionnydd) ninth.

 International mountain runner Sarah Tunstall (Kendal) won the ladies' race, with Oswestry's Alison Lavender right behind her. Of the Welsh runners Katie Beecher (Les Croupiers) was fourth overall and  teenager Bronwen Jenkinson (Eryri) sixth.

 Fellow Eryri teenager John Spill won the 5k race, held for the first time, with Luke Davies (Brecon) a minute behind and another youngster, Cai Linton (Menai) third. Welsh international Heidi Davies (Brecon) had a superb run, finishing fourth overall.
Results of 10k: 1 C Hardman (Salford) 35.34, 2 T Merson (Bristol) 36.26, 3 G Priestley (Salford) 36.49, 4 B Priddle (E  ng)  37.13, 5 M Roberts (Eryri) 38.27, 6 M Footman (Worthing) 38.38. M40: 1 C Rees (Wild Running) 38.48, 2 D Vaughan (Chester Tri) 45.01, 3 M Hadley (Cybi) 47.27. M45: 1 J Ford (NWRR) 42.19, 2 G Porter-Jones (Eryri) 47.05, 3 C Murphy 51.16. M50: 1 T Cahill (Abergele) 44.21, 2 N Craine (Eryri) 44.51, 3 M Belshaw (Eryri) 45.48. M55: 1 S Jones (Eryri) 45.12, 2 A Lewis (Eryri) 48.07, 3 I Taylor (CB) 51.15. M60: 1 G Spencer (Mercia) 52.09, 2 C Hunt (Wrecsam Tri) 58.27, 3 M Hayton (NWRR) 65.30. M65: 1 D Evans (Cardiff) 51.05, 2 JG Evans (Aberystwyth) 56.44. M70: 1 P Jones (Prestatyn) 67.38, 2 I Roberts (Eryri) 75.19.
 Ladies: 1 S Tunstall (Kendal) m40.26, 2 A Lavender (Osw) 41.18, 3 E Macready (Worthing) 42.28, 4 K Beecher (Les Cr) 44.21, 5 A Hannant 48.39, 6 B Jenkinson (Eryri) 50.19. L40: 1 K Solev 59.27, 2 J Howe 63.28, 3 A Scott (Welshpool) 65.38. L45: 1 V Carter (Birchfield) 54.40, 2 A Butterfield (RAF Valley) 56.33, 3 D Stanaway (Tattenhall) 58.04. L50; 1 L Godson (NWRR) 61.11, 2 T Usherwood 62.48, 3 L55: 1 D Kenwright (Sarn Helen) 56.28, 2  L Wills 84.22. L60: C Allen (Trail Jesters) 88.21.

 Results of 5k: 1 J Spill (Eryri) 22.18, 2 L Davies (Brecon) 23.18, 3 C Linton (Menai) 23.31, 4 H Davies (Brecon, SL) 24.49, 5 A Davies (Thornbury, M45) 24.54, 6 B Butler (Bangor Uni) 25.08. M40: 1 J Kennedy 33.59 M45: 2 C Deasy 40.09, 3 E Jones 57.16. M50: 1 P Keeling (Outdoorlands) 36.07. M55: E Davies (Maldwyn) 26.37.  Ladies: 1 Davies, 2 N Davies (Thornbury, L45) 32.02, 3 L Marriott (Mysteruns) 39.20, 4 S Brooks (Dolly Mixtures, L40) 41.05, 5 S Jones 41.37,  6 M Shakespeare 42.40. L50: E Lewis (Dolly Mixtures) 44.44.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

2nd win for Hulson


Charlie Hulson from Rhosesmor claimed his second win in the Manchester Area Cross-Country League in St Helens, helping Sale to third place in the men's competition.

 The winning team was Liverpool Harriers, for whom Hulson's former Deeside clubmate Ricky Challinor was 12th. Third in the M45 class was David Alexander (West Cheshire), a stalwart of the Grand Prix Express North Wales League.

 Meanwhile in the Midlands Women's League in Leamington Spa Georgina Outten (Birchfield), winner of the Abergele 5 last week, finished second behind England's outstanding young talent Jessica Judd.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Back in business


Apologies for the lack of news over the past couple of weeks, especially with so many important races having been held in the area,.

 It was a very nice holiday, thank you very much, and normal service will now be resumed, so please keep sending me the information on race results and any items of interest involving North Wales athletes and clubs. 

 I also appeal to all those  of you who have received profile  questionnaires from me in recent months to return them.