Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sun Centre 5k


Three days after running for Wales in the Great Manchester 10k Ricky Challinor and Sarah Livett took the North Wales 5k titles in Rhyl.

 Challinor was in a class of his own in the Sun Centre race, the only problem coming from a nasty crosswind which buffeted the runners on the out-and-back course.

 Livett finished 41 seconds of the 2012 champion Isabel Redfern (Colwyn Bay).

 Results: 1 R Challinor (Liverpool H) 15.44, 2 D Blazier (Abergele, M40) 17.00, 3 M Green (NWRR, M35) 17.11, 4 A Campbell (Wrecsam Tri, M35) 17.32, 5 A Bromley (Deeside) 17.36, 6 R Wilyman (Abergele) 17.43. U17: N Davies (ua) 21.44. U20: D Jackson (NWRR) 20.33.
 M35: 3 J Salt (Mysteruns) 19.44.
 M40: 2 G Nicholls (Prestatyn) 19.09, 3 A Hughes (Meirionnydd) 19.14
 M45: 1 J Gifford (Buckley) 18.15, 2 G Blackwell (Deeside) 18.50, 3 Russell Godwin (Colwyn Bay) 19.41.
 M50: T Cahill (Abergele) 17.50, 2 I Hughes (Meir) 19.47, 3 K Challinor (Deeside) 20.26
 M55: 1 C Edgington (Meir) 19.08, 2 A Gauton (Denbigh) 20.30, 3 C Baldwin (Denbigh) 21.32
 M60: 1 G Nixon (Prestatyn) 19.38, 2 A French (Wrex) 21.23, 3 G Shone (Abergele) 21.26.
 M65: 1 G Owens (Prestatyn) 19.21, 2 J Morris (Buckley) 22.58, 3 M G Williams (Eryri) 24.39
 M75: 1 Roger Harrison-Jones (Prest) 26.11, 2 D Hughes (Prest) 26.35

1 S Livett (Menai, U20) 18.18, 2 I Redfern (CB, L40) 18.59, 3 E Collins (Denbigh, L50) 20.09, 4 L Morley (Wrex, L40) 20.49, 5 E Jones (Denbigh, U17) 21.06, 6 M Ludden (Buckley, L50) 21.12.
 U17: 2 S Ferbi (ua) 21.21
 U20: 2 A Bagnall (Prest) 23.12, 3 A Cheetham (Prest) 24.08
 SL: 1 J McDonough (Prest) 21.50, 2 E Gruber (Cybi) 22.22, 3 D Barraclough-Jones (ua) 24.45
 L35: 1 J Harnden (Wrex) 21.34,2 M Dowell-Jones (CB) 21.53, 3 S Beck (Prest) 22.28
 L40: 3 V Whitehead (Denbigh) 22.26
 L45: 1 H McArthur (CB) 21.24, 2 L Jones (Wrex) 22.16, 3 J Lindley (Buckley) 23.04
 L50: 3 K Hatton (NWRR) 23.42
 L55: G Waring (Prest) 23.20
 L60: M Docking (Wrex) 23.46
 L65: C Birch (Abergele) 22.48
 L70: B Jones (Bro Dysynni) 27.37
 L80: S Symonds (Bro Dysynni) 43.37 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Great Orme race


The sixth race in the Joe Brown Midweek Series of fell-races was held in perfect conditions, resulting in three course records being broken.

 The race was won by Matthew Roberts, just two days after his excellent run in the inter-counties championships.

 Results (all Eryri Harriers unless stated): 1 M Roberts 31.27 (new record), 2 G Owen (ua) 32.05, 3 J Rowley 32.38, 4 J Parkinson (M40) 32.57 (new record), 5 M Fortes 33.30, 6 J Griffith (Colwyn Bay, U18) 33.40. M40: 2 C Jones 33.52, 3 N Craine 35.18. M50: 1 T Cahill (Abergele) 36.02, 2 S Toogood (ua) 36.26, 3 A Lewis 37.15. M60: 1 J Morris (Buckley) 43.42, 2 B Robbins 44.15, 3 D Say (ua) 55.57. M70: E Davies 42.54.
 Ladies: 1 J Lee 36.10 (new record), 2 B Taylor (Bangor Uni) 40.41, 3 T Llewelyn (Cybi) 41.01. L40: 1 H McArthur (Colwyn Bay) 42.15, 2 S Barnwell 42.35, 3 K Broach 43.12. L50: E Salisbury 44.42.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Christleton 5k


Despite it being the best-quality field for some years GB international Jonny Mellor (Liverpool Harriers) won the Christleton 5k by almost a minute.

 The standard of the women's field was also very high, with Liverpool claiming a "double" through Maria Barrett. She finished just nine seconds clear of Amanda Crook (Southport Waterloo), who won the Chester Half a few days earlier.

 Results: 1 J Mellor (Liv H) 13.59, 2 A Norman (Altrincham) 14.53, 3 B Russell (Liv H) 14.55, 4 J Morris (Stockport, U20) 14.56, 5 M Sawrey (Stockport) 15.01, 6 R Challinor (Liv H) 15.03.
 U20: 2 M Vennard (Vale R) 15.14, 3 Z Bamber (Vale R) 15.39
 M40: 1 L Jones (Deeside) 15.30, 2 D Richardson (Stoke) 15.35, 3 S Doyle (Vale R) 15.35
 M45: 1 M Jaques (Knowsley) 16.37, 2 A Townsend (Horwich) 17.00, 3 P Brame (Liv H) 17.04.
 M50: 1 A Green (Warrington) 15.35, 2 G McNeil (Wilmslow) 16.46, 3 G Aston (Stockport) 17.10
 M55: 1 C Martin (Spectrum) 17.21, 2 D Carrington (Alt) 18.34, 3 R Freeman (West Chesh) 18.58
 M60: 1 J Hancock (Osw) 19.25, 2 A Melling (Aston and Tyldesley) 19.40, 3 N Canham (Trafford) 20.47
 M65: 1 D Tomkins (Warr) 17.36, 2 D Bish (West Chesh) 23.25, 3 S Howarth (West Chesh) 25.28
 M70: 1 J Park (Cheshire Tally Ho) 25.37, 2 K Robson (Manchester Tri) 27.19

1 M Barrett (Liv H) 16.20, 2 A Crook (Southport Waterloo) 16.29, 3 A Lavender (Osw) 16.57, 4 R Burns (Liv H) 17.11, 5 K Longley (Liv Pembroke, L35) 17.17, 6 S Whiteside (Liv H) 17.19.
 U20: 1 S Livett (Menai) 17.32, R Donohue (Liv H) 18.25, 3 E Kearney (Wirral) 18.44
 L35: 2 L Rudd (Stockport) 17.38, 3 E Parry (Wrex) 17.39
 L40: 1 C Constable (Southport) 19.28, 2 L Morley (Wrex) 20.24, 3 H Smith (Vale R) 20.36
 L45: 1 A Morgan (St Helens) 20.50, V Griffiths (Helsby) 21.00, 3 S Green (Boalloy) 21.16
 L50: 1 M Ludden (Buckley) 20.31, 2 A Vesey (Alt) 20.48, 3 M Taverner (Vale R) 20.55
 M55: 1 H West (Stockport) 22.44, 2 A Meakin (Helsby) 24.57, 3
 L60: M Docking (Wrex) 23.40,  2 J Shaw (Helsby) 25.58
 L65: 1 C Birch (Abergele) 22.22, J Dolan (Alt) 23.52,

Sunday, 19 May 2013

FRA inter-counties champs


Menai's outstanding youngster Iolo Hughes came within two seconds of victory in the FRA inter-counties' championships in the Settle Hills.

 The under-18s' race was won by Yorkshire's Max Wharton but with Hughes second, Jake Griffith (Colwyn Bay) 9th and Mabon Llyr (Eryri) 12th North Wales came second in the team competition.

 In the under-16 girls' race Bronwen Jenkinson (Eryri) continued her recent superb form, coming home in third place.

 There was also team silver for the senior men, who finished just one point behind winners Yorkshire.

 Second in the race was former Bangor student Nick Swinburn (North East) in 46.23, with Tim Davies leading the North Wales squad home in fifth place (48.49). He was backed by Matthew Roberts (10th, 49.59), Richard Roberts (11th, 50.04), Harry Matthews (24th, 52.17) and Nathan Jones (45th, 54.35). Also running were Eryri's Fred Maier (63rd in 60.27), Arwel Lewis (75th in 62.43, 3rd M50) and Paul Jenkinson (80th in 64.38).

Cader Idris race


Meirionnydd's Ifan Richards, who has kept a fairly low profile in recent weeks, took full advantage of the absence of some of the big names to win the Cader Idris race near his Brithdir home.

 Last year he finished fifth 92.27, and his winning time was 85 seconds faster, while Lauren Jeska (Aberystwyth), who retained the ladies' title and was 16th overall, was slightly slower.

 Results: 1 I Richards (Meir) 91.02, 2 M Cliffe (Eryri, M400 91.14, 3 G Slavov (Aberystwyth) 93.02, 4 R Weston (Serpentine) 96.02, 5 I Grindley (Mercia, M40) 96.55, 6 D Rushton (ua) 97.21.
 M40: 3 C Near (Eryri) 97.32.
 M50: 1 D Roberts (ua) 1-43.01, 2 D Powell (Aberystwyth) 1-48.45, 3 T Knight (ua) 1-49.41.
 M60: 1 A Duncan (Bowland) 1-48.39, 2 S Atherton (FRA) 2-08.38, 3 A French (Wrexham) 2-16.05.
 M70: P Jones (Prestatyn) 2-32.09.

1 L Jeska (Aberystwyth) 1-42.01, 2 M Price (Mercia, L40) 1-43.24, 3 J Lee (Eryri) 1-44.03, 4 L Barker (Aberystwyth) 1-54.47, 5 R Stafford (Mercia) 1-57.00, 6 J Moore (Eryri, L40) 2-03.50.
 L40: 3 S Rowlands (Clwydian) 2-06.21.
 L50: T Scotland (ua) 2-32.34

Friday, 17 May 2013

New Snowdon Challenge


Organisers of the annual International Snowdon Race are putting on a new event this year to complement the main event.

 At 11am on the morning of the 10-mile race, now in its 38th year, the Snowdon Super Cup will be held, with the field limited to 50 elite athletes.

 The race will be uphill only, finishing on the summit of Snowdon, and this year it will be a demonstration event to see whether the concept is successful.

 Race co-ordinator Matt Ward said they had been considering it for a couple of years but it was essential that it should not detract from the main event.

 "We actually feel that the uphill race will complement the up-and-down race as it will attract a different kind of runner, those who perhaps wouldn't ordinarily do the full race with its challenging descent," he said.

 Uphill -only races are particularly popular on the continent, whereas many British runners are renowned for their fearless descending.

 The 2013 event will be an invitation-only race, with applications invited from men who have run the 10-mile race in 76 minutes or women in 90 minutes, and who have represented their country on the mountains or in road races in the last five years.

 Fifty athletes will then be selected to take part. Applications should be sent to Matt Ward at by June 10 and those chosen will be notified by June 24.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Athlete's Profile (6)


Daniel Weston

NAME: Daniel Weston

CLUB: Wrexham AAC


AGE AND DATE OF BIRTH:  33, 31st May, 1979

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COMPETING: Since July, 2006. I did a little when I was a junior but that was only because I wanted to beat my Dad (Martin, former Wrexham AAC stalwart)

ANY OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: No, I don't have the time but I used to rollerblade on skate parks a lot.

OTHER HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Going to church, time with my wife and children.

FAVOURITE RACING DISTANCE: 10 miles (I'm still trying to beat my Dad's PB of 52 minutes, but I reckon the course wasn't measured properly back in his days.

FAVOURITE RACE AND WHY: Vyrnwy Half-Marathon. The views are stunning and the competition is hot.

FAVOURITE TRAINING SESSION: 8 x 800 on the track, preferably with someone shouting out the lap times, but that doesn't happen very often.

PROUDEST MOMENT: When some kid on the street said to me: "I remember when you were shit." (Excuse the language but that's what he said!)

WHOM DO YOU MOST ADMIRE (INSIDE AND OUTSIDE ATHLETICS) AND WHY: In running: Haile Gebrselassie, simply for his achievements - two Olympics golds over 10,000m and four World Championship titles. He won the Berlin Marathon four times consecutively and had three straight wins in the Dubai Marathon. He also won four world titles indoors and in 2001 was World Half-Marathon champion.
 Outside of athletics: My wife for endurance. She has the skill to keep going no matter what life throws at her.

ANY PERSONAL AMBITIONS: To represent Wales in running. One day I'd love to get sub-70 minutes for a half and sub-2-30 for a full marathon.

ANY REGRETS: Probably, but I don't want to bring them to mind.

 ANY EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCES: I'll get back to you on that.

WHAT CHANGES, IF ANY, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN THE SPORT: The schooling system. There should be more sports days in schools and parents should get time off work to go and watch.

Loughborough International


Eighteen-year-old Owen Smith (Deeside) is included in the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team for the first international meeting of the season this weekend, the annual match at Loughborough.

 It will also feature senior teams from England, Scotland, Wales and British Universities, and Smith has been named in the 4 x 400 relay squad.

 He set his pb of 48.04 in Trafford a year ago and has had a good winter, clocking 48.12 in Birmingham in February.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Can you help?


On Saturday, June 29th, the Special Olympics Welsh regional athletics championships are being held in Bangor and organisers are appealing for help on the day.

 The meeting will start with a 3k race at 12 noon and it will be followed by the opening ceremony and main programme at 1pm, allowing runners time to recover before the other events.

 Anyone able and willing to help is asked to contact Steve Walker on 07890 747417 or at

World 24-hour champs


Buckley's John Pares had to muster every ounce of strength and determination to finish in the European and World 24-hour championships in Steenberg, Netherlands, at the weekend.

 The Commonwealth champion suffered what he described as "a torrid 24 time", which makes his performance all the more creditable.

 He summarised his experience as follows: "A good 8 hours, followed by an ok 4 hours, then a horrid 6 hours including heavy rain, strong winds and a touch of hypothermia.

 "After two hours in the warm I went back out for a really good last 6 hours."

 Despite his lengthy break John, who covered 244.335k in Llandudno in 2011, chalked up 203.175k, giving him 89th place in the European championships and 116th in the world.

 Andy Smith of the GB team management was full of praise for John's performance.

 "His ability to dig deep and come back out for the team shows his true spirit and determination," he said.

 "It is not necessarily the distance one runs in an ultra race but the way in which you can dig deep into your reserves and over-ride the pain to achieve greatness which impresses.

 "Many people are talented at something but one's ability to push yourself when things don't go according to plan shows true greatness."

 Emily Gelder (Dulwich) from Llandrindod Wells, who won last year's Snowdonia Marathon, turned in another consistent performance, covering 212.213k in 58th place.

 The world championship was won by American Jon Olsen with 269.675k, while Japan's Mami Kudu set a new women's world record of 252.205, beating the record set in Llandudno by England's Lizzie Hawker.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Moel Eilio


A week after coming second in the Ras y Diafol trail race Richard Roberts was back to winning ways in the Moel Eilio race from Llanberis, which is regarded as one of the region's "classics".

 He won by over four minutes but his time was almost five minutes slower than Alun Vaughan's outstanding winning time last year, due partly to the wind and hail.

 Results (all Eryri Harriers unless stated). 8m, 3000ft.: 1 R Roberts 66.21, 2 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 70.54, 3 H O'Donnell (Ambleside) 72.18, 4 J Rowley 72.49, 5 J Parkinson (M40) 72.55, 6 C Near (M40) 73.49. M50: 1 S Toogood (ua) 83.08, 2 I Edgar 83.32, 3 G Jones (ua) 87.45. M60: 1 B Robbins  1-40.44, 2 D Whiteside-Thomas 1-41.19, 3 J Morris (Buckley) 1-42.06. Ladies: 1 R Newstead (ua) 89.41, 2 A Thomas (L40) 92.36, 3 M Hughes 93.21. L40: 2 H Teasdale (ua) 93.35, 3 S Rowlands (Clwydian) 98.46. L50: 1 E Salisbury 1-44.55, 2 L Edmondson (Wrekin) 1-54.13, 3 T Scotland (ua) 1-57.16. L60: M Oliver 1-56.06.

Chester Half


 Several North Wales Masters were among the trophy-winners at the Chester Half-Marathon, which was won by Mohammad Aburezeq in 68.07.

 The first woman home - and 10th overall - was Amanda Cook (Southport and Waterloo) in 74.31. She was just one place behind Wrexham's Daniel Weston, who clocked 74.11.

 Among the leaders in their categories were Ian James (Wrexham, 2nd M50), Peter Roberts (Buuckley, 1st M70), Roger Harrison-Jones (Prestatyn, 1st M75), Eddie Naisby (Prestatyn, 1st M85) and Rosemary Rogers (Deestriders, 1st L60).

 The North Wales results (chip times)  included:-

ABERGELE: Rob Wilyman 82.10, Jodi Waters 83.44, Darren Blazier 84.10, Mark Mayers 92.51, Sue Westel 2-01.31, Stephanie Wynne 2-21.01.

 BUCKLEY: Daniel Hollingsworth 85.12, Eddie Davies 86.53, Jim Huggins 90.40, Simon Quick 92.20, Peter Roberts 1-46.33, Rob Davies 1-53.15, Leighton Williams 1-59.25, Ann Ablett 2-30.32.

 CLWYDIAN:  Paul Oldfield 1-50.02.

 CYBI: Irfon Rowlands 83.47, Jason Thomas 85.51, Tracy Llewelyn 97.08, Dewi Snelson 97.30, Geraint Williams 1-42.01, Wayne Norman 1-44.16, Arwyn Williams 1-47.19, Andrew Howick 1-46.42, Sue Jones 1-52.56, Ieuan Davies 1-59.15, Ruth Harvey 1-59.11.

 DEESIDE: Andrew Bromley 80.00, Mark Garstang 95.27, Rob Ross 1-42.44, Elen Blount 1-48.17.

 DEESTRIDERS:  Mark Williams 86.47, Jay Jennions 89.14, Chris Hyndman 90.14, Paul Hunt 96.15, Nicholas Chadwick 96.24, Rosemary Rogers 1-43.34, David Morris 1-45.44, Kevin Burns 1-48.00, Philip Taylor 1-47.18, Dean Olsen 1-58.11, Michael Morris 2-00.01, Cheryl Jones 2-07.18, Beverley Goodson 2017.47, Valerie Blair 2-26.00.

 DENBIGH: John E Morris 86.16, Rhian Griffiths-Jones 1-45.12, Louise Williams 2-21.52, Joanne Roberts 2-25.52, Diane Roberts 2-31.27.

 ERYRI: Anthony Woodall 88.36, Nigel Russell 1-43.32, Rod Rogers 1-48.52.

 NORTH WALES ROAD RUNNERS: Jon Evans 1-42.27, John Walker 1-47.17, Kevin Higgins 1-50.01, Elen Elias 1-48.21, Lesley Goodson 1-54.58, Michael Hayton 1-57.47, Joan Edwards 2-30.05.

PRESTATYN: Dean Longley 80.51, Mathew Anwyl 81.10, Gareth Brandrick 88.06, Russ Cheetham 96.41, Jo McDonough 97.53, Paul Brandrick 1-41.24, Kate Brandrick 1-41.24, Mike Lindsay 1042.29, Roger Wadon 1-42.28, Jayne Penrhyn-Jones 1-45.51, Roger Harrison-Jones 1-53.44, Helen Ashworth 1-54.40, David Owen 1-59.07, Gill Brandrick 2-04.13, Julie Logan 2-05.06, Helen Baxandall 2-04.48, Linda Williams 2-15.51, Eddie Naisby 2-21.59.

 WRECSAM TRI: Anne-Marie Parry 2-07.00.

 WREXHAM: Daniel Weston 74.11, Robert Jones 80.10, Jon Prichard-Taylor 82.29, Ian James 83.09, Thomas Spence 83.53, Andy Jones 85.01, David Millington 85.12, Michael Roberts 89.46, Debbie Dodd 1-57.18, David Jones 1-57.43, Gill Csizmadia 2-05.03, Alexia Baty 2-16.07.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ras Rhostryfan


Little Fflur Davies showed the boys the way in winning the junior race at Rhostryfan, setting a new course record in the process. It was the first time for a girl to be outright winner.

 The main race, one of the toughest 10ks in the region, was won by Chris Evans (Eryri), with Michaela Owen (Cybi) taking the ladies' title.

 Results of 10k (all Eryri unless stated): 1 C Evans 38.16, 2 D Owen 39.31, 3 R Owen (Cybi) 39.48. M40: 1 G Porter-Jones 41.56, 2 A Chant 43.55, 3 P Targett 44.10. M50: 1 A Lewis 40.52, 2 T Roberts (ua) 42.21, 3 PMW Jones (ua) 42.26. M60: 1 P "Tan" Jones 45.53. Ladies: 1 M Owen (Cybi) 45.23, 2 T Llewelyn (Cybi) 46.56, 3A Thomas (L40) 49.44, 4 K Worthington 51.57.

 Ras Hwyl Rhostryfan: 1 Ff Davies (G11) 10.08, 2 I Williams (B8) 10.55, 3 O Ellis (B7) 11.01, 4 C O'Neill (G10) 11.09, 5 TW Jones (B8) 11.46, 6 E Jones (G9) 12.07.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Moel y Gest race


Teenager Bronwen Jenkinson claimed her third win in the Joe Brown series of fell-races at Moel y Gest, Porthmadog, setting a new course record in the process.

 It was the fifth successive win at the venue for Matthew Roberts, who finished almost two minutes clear of runner-up Ifan Richards.

 Results (all Eryri unless stated): 1 M Roberts 33.39, 2 I Richards (Meirionnydd)  35.20, 3 J Rowley 35.34, 4 A Edwards 36.03, 5 J Parkinson (M40) 36.35 (new record), 6 DW Jones (M40) 36.58. U18: M Llyr 41.23. M40: 3 P Jenkinson 38.41. M50: SP Jones 39.47, 2 V Belshaw (Denbigh) 43.03, 3 D Broach (ua) 48.21. M60: 1 M Blake 48.24, 2 B Robbins 53.04. M70: E Davies 49.55.
 Ladies: 1 B Jenkinson (U18) 44.16, 2 K Broach (L40) 47.48, 3 E Salisbury (L50) 49.59. SL: N Maysmore 50.03. L60: M Oliver 60.25.

Dinas Bran race


The Manx-based pair of Lloyd Taggart and Jackie Lee smashed the year-old course records in the Dinas Bran hill race at Llangollen, each taking almost three minutes off the previous best.

 Results: 1 Ll Taggart (Manx, M40) 28.55, 2 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 31.44, 3 T Pringle (Manx) 32.54, 4 D Boothby (Wrecsam Tri) 33.22, 5 C Barnes (Mersey Tri, M40) 34.19, 6 S Toogood (ua, M50) 35.07. M35: J Richards (ua) 37.17. M45: T Knight (ua) 35.42. M50: 2 C Wilcox (Clwydian) 37.23, 3 S Bellis (Buck) 37.54. M60: 1 M Foschi (Helsby) 38.27, 2 A French (Wrexham) 38.47, 3 M Cortvriend (Denbigh) 39.03. M65: J Morris (Buck) 43.33. M70: 1 P Roberts (Buck) 40.15, 2 M Edwards (Wrex) 56.25. M75: P Norman (Wrex) 62.32.
 Ladies: J Lee (Eryri) 35.51, 2 L Grantham (Chester Tri) 39.12, 3 V Griffiths (Helsby, L45) 41.30, 4 S Rowlands (Clwydian, L45) 41.55, 5 J Robertson (Helsby, L45) 44.05.

Welsh legend featured


One of the most prodigious runners ever produced in North Wales is featured in the current issue of Athletics Weekly (May 9).

 Tecwyn "Taff" Davies, from St Asaph, had a serious car accident several years ago, injuring his foot, but in his prime was one of Britain's most successful veterans on road and country.

 A member of Aldershot, Farnham and District, he was a quartermaster in the army, making more than 100 representative appearances between 1967 and 1983.

 He was outright winner of the national vets' cross-country championships five times in six years while in the 40-49 class and after turning 50 in 1988 set a new over-50 10k record of 30.35, which still stands today. He won the North Wales cross-country championships three times, in 1976, 1977 and 1980, all in Denbigh.

 Now 75, he still plays golf and has a handicap of 15, and he still takes a keen interest in the activities of his former athletic club where he is regarded with huge respect.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BUCS champs


Former Deeside athlete Sally Peake (Cardiff Uni and Birchfield) took gold in the pole vault at the British Universities' outdoor championships in Bedford, with a  modest clearance of 3.90m.

 At the same meeting Ffion Price (Cardiff Met and Brecon) finished fifth in the 800m with a season's best time of 2-10.41.

 Hannah Thomas (Cardiff Met and Wrexham) won her heat in the 100m and came third in her semi-final but could not reproduce the form in the final, finishing sixth in 12.29.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Red Kite Challenge


Colwyn Bay's Nathan Jones, 18, claimed some important scalps in winning the Red Kite Challenge trail race at Tregaron in Ceredigion.

 Having been extended to half-marathon distance and involving 2,000ft of climbs, it was longer than anything he had attempted before but he led from early on and finished in 82.43, with 2012 champion Richard Roberts (Eryri) 65 seconds behind.

 Results: 1 N Jones (Colwyn Bay) 82.43, 2 R Roberts (Eryri) 84.08, 3 F Jones (Aberystwyth) 85.17, 4 G Slavov (Aberystwyth) 89.04, 5 M Evans (TROTS) 92.59, 6 J Fowler (Chiltern, M40) 94.31. M40: 2 J Jones (TROTS) 98.13, 3 N Biggs (Aberystwyth) 98.17. M45: 1 G Price (Sarn Helen) 95.51, 2 N Lammas (Evesham Vale)1-44.04, 3 P Jenkinson (Eryri) 1-49.55. M50: 1 D Wilkinson (Dark Peak) 99.07, 2 D Powell (Aberystwyth) 1-42.27, 3 P Osborne (Llanelli) 1-50.03. M55: 1 G Jones (Shrews) 1-43.51, 2 L Hughes (Maldwyn) 1-49.34, 3 A Gauton (Denbigh) 1-51.47. M60: 1 D Roderick (Deeside) 2-06.47, 2 D Owen (Prestatyn) 2-10.09, 3 T Davies (Croft Ambrey) 2-13.27. M65: 1 JG Evans (Aberystwyth) 2-00.27, 2 M King (Nailsea) 2-39.55. M70: 1 G Orme (Cardigan) 1-56.30.

 Ladies: 1 S Roberts (TROTS, L45) 1-45.23, 2 H Marshall (Swansea) 1-47.24, 3 E Collins (Denbigh, L50) 1-50.40, 4 S Barbour (Evesham Vale, L40) 1-52.53, 5 R Stafford (Mercia, L35) 1-55.54, 6 D Jolly (Sarn Helen) 1-56.52. L35: 2 E Millington (Wolf Pack) 1-59.56, 3 E Gluffiud (ua) 2-05.06.  L40: 2 J Arnold (Celtic Tri) 2-02.42, 3 L45: 2 S Davies (Croft Ambrey) 1-57.09, 3 H Willoughby (Sarn Helen) 2-05.43. L50: 2 C Lloyd (Evesham Vale) 2-22.09  L55: 1 D Kenwright (Sarn Helen) 2-03.16, 2 A Worthing (Aberystwyth) 2-05.27, 3 G Jones (Sarn Helen) 2-55.10. L70: B Jones (Bro Dysynni) 2-36.31.

Liverpool Spring 10k


 Two North Wales veterans won their classes at the Liverpool Spring 10k, which attracted a field of over 1,300.

 Gordon Jones (Prestatyn) was 10th overall and first M50 on 37.00 and Jim Woodcock (Menai) was 25th an won the M60 category in 38.59.

Llangynhafal Loop


Tim Davies (Mercia) chalked up his second win in this year's Welsh Mountain-Running Championship on the Llangynhafal Loop course in the Clwydian Hills.

 Conditions were perfect for the race, in sharp contrast with those in the opening race of the series, the Tour of Torpantau where several runners lost their way.

 Davies was made to work hard for his win by Calder Valley's Shaun Godsman, but crossed the line 38 seconds clear.

 Lauren Jeska (Aberystwyth) was the first lady home and was 18th overall, taking 37 seconds off the course record set in 2009 by Andrea Rowlands (Eryri).


1 T Davies (Mercia) 37.32, 2 S Godsman (Calder, M40) 38.10, 3 P Ryder (Brycheiniog) 40.07, 4 P Jones (Mercia, M40) 40.41, 5 J Hunt (Dark Peak, M40) 41.09, 6 M Cliffe (Eryri, M40) 41.10.
 JM: L Burthem (warrington) 42.50. M50: 1 P Jeggo (Springfield) 44.27, 2 E Davies (Mercia) 45.32, 3 I Lancaster (Tattenhall) 46.04. M60: 1 A Duncan (Bowland) 47.54, 2 M Foschi (Helsby) 50.51, 3 M Cortvriend (Denbigh) 50.59. M70: M Edwards (Wrex) 65.27.

 Ladies: 1 L Jeska (Aberystwyth) 44.45, 2 M Price (Mercia, L40) 45.59, 3 L Barry (CLC Striders) 48.15, 4 M Gillie (Clwydian) 49.16, 5 L Barker (Aberystwyth) 50.38, 6 J Moore (Eryri, L40) 53.57. L40: 3 L Morley (Wrex) 54.01. L50: 1 S Howarth (Mercia) 55.14, 2 J Edwards (Meirionnydd) 56.05, 3 E Salisbury (Eryri) 58.39. L60: M Oliver (Eryri) 65.14.