Friday, 30 August 2013

Athlete's Profile (10)


Darren Blazier (Abergele)

NAME: Darren Blazier

CLUB: Abergele Harriers

ANY PREVIOUS CLUBS: Ran 2nd Claim for Prestatyn RC in the Border League in the early 2000s 

AGE AND DATE OF BIRTH: 41    29/05/1972 


ANY OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: Darts. Used to play regular before I got into running. 

OTHER HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Love most sports whether watching or competing. Enjoy going out to pubs/clubs and watching live music. 


FAVOURITE RACE AND WHY: Vaynol Park 10k in Felinheli. It has a great atmosphere as a carnival race and has an enjoyable and interesting course. 

FAVOURITE TRAINING SESSION: 6 x 800m on a 4 minute loop 

PROUDEST MOMENT: Winning my first race, the Oswestry 10 mile race in 2000. 

WHOM DO I MOST ADMIRE (INSIDE ATHLETICS AND OUT) AND WHY: Sebastian Coe - For his desire and determination both in his running career and bringing the Olympic games to London.  Sir Alex Ferguson - A born winner. 

ANY PERSONAL AMBITIONS: To improve all my running PBs from 5k to the Marathon. 

ANY REGRETS: Not taking up running as a teenager. 


WHAT CHANGES (IF ANY) WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN THE SPORT: I believe running should be the main focus of sport in schools from an early age, with minimum standards to be encouraged for all. Every child should be able to run (on grass) for a certain length of time by the time they become a teenager. Basic fitness needs to take priority with team sports being an extra. The country needs to tackle growing obesity problem in general.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ellesmere 10k


 The Ellesmere 10k course may be heralded as being a "pb course" but it has quite a few undulations. Nevertheless Maldwyn's Andy Davies clocked a fast 31.16 in winning this year's race, coming home over two minutes clear of fellow Welsh mountain-running international Richard Roberts.

 Results: 1 A Davies (Mald) 31.16, 2 R Roberts (Eryri) 33.10, 3 I Howarth (Shrews) 33.31, 4 P Jones (Oswestry, M40) 33.35, 5 M Hadley (Halesowen, M45) 33.53, 6 N Vangdasalem (Liv H, M45) 34.13.
 M40: 2 D Potter (ua) 35.13, 3 I Lowe (Osw) 35.38
 M45: C Hollinshead (Stafford) 34.45
 M50: 1 J Latham (ua) 38.06, 2 A Lewis (Eryri) 38.57, 3 H Jones (Shrews) 39.36
 M55: 1 G Jones (Prestatyn) 37.24, 2 K Burke (Stourbridge) 38.34, 3 B Freeman (West Chesh) 40.34
 M60: 1 P Savill (Shrews) 40.46, 2 DA Jones (Denbigh) 46.34, 3 N Passmore (Market Drayton) 50.35
 M65: 2 M Whiteside (Tattenhall) 44.56, 3 P Allen (Halesowen) 45.47
 M70: 1 D Bish (West Chesh) 51.09,  2 J Thomas (Buckley) 52.49, 3 J Hateley (Stafford) 62.39
 M75: 1 P Norman (Wrex) 61.59, 2 R Billington (Wrex) 66.12, 3 P Killeen (Midland Masters) 96.37


1 C Martin (Telford, L35) 36.38, 2 E Crowe (Wrex, L40) 38.00, 3 H Davies (Wrecsam Tri, L45) 38.56, 4 S Gray (Cannock and Staffs, L35) 39.33, 5 R Harrison (Cheadle) 40.05, 6 A Bartlett (Shrews, L40) 40.07.
 SL: 2 N Davies (Sh Shufflers) 40.35, 3 M Owen (Cybi) 41.52
 L35: 3 C Jones (Osw) 41.36
 L40: 3 SA Morris (ua) 45.01
 L45: 2 D Sanders (Telford) 41.57, 3 H Carter (ua) 45.22
 L50: 1 M Taverner (Vale Royal) 45.55, 2 C Roach (Chester Tri) 46.14, 3 J Grandfield (Market Drayton) 48.25
 L55: 1 J Thorn (Vale R) 47.13, 2 D Richards (ua) 50.27,  3 A Wilson (SY Tri) 52.55
 L60: P Newton (Market Drayton) 49.52, 2 B Ward (Osw) 50.46, 3 M Oldacre (SY Tri) 59.57
 L65: 1 C Birch (Abergele) 48.07, 2 A Jones (ua) 59.44, 3 M Radford (West Chesh) 62.32

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Capenhurst 5k


Welsh international Ricky Challinor led Liverpool Harriers to a team win in the Urenco 5k at Capenhurst, beating his clubmate James McNally by two seconds.

 Results: 1 R Challinor (Liv H) 15.40, 2 J McNally (Liv H) 15.42, 3 J Horman (Liv H) 15.59, 4 P Langan (ua) 16.11, 5 J Toohey (Liv RC) 16.13, 6 G Tomlinson (Trafford) 16.17. U20: I Burthem (war) 16.36. M40: 1 X Desse (Wirral) 16.18, 2 C Barnes (Blackburn) 16.41, 3 I Lowe (Oswestry) 16.51. M45: 1 R Tudor (Salford) 16.25, 2 R Alsop (Salford) 16.46, 3 G Nlackwell (Deeside) 18.01. M50: 1 G McNeil (Wilmslow) 16.48, 2 C Bishop (Helsby) 17.22, 3 A Starkey (West Chesh) 17.43. M60: 1 R Fisher (Pensby) 20.53, 2 M Roberts (Pensby) 21.41. M65: 1 P Roberts (Buckley) 21.23, 2 M Ollier (Wrex) 21.32.
 Ladies: 1 R Burns (Liv H) 17.11, 2 S Jarvis (Liv H) 18.21, 3 A Pettit (Vale Royal, U20) 18.24, 4 E Kearney (Wirral, U20) 18.27, 5 R Donohue (Liv H, U20) 18.36. L35: L Grantham (Chester Tri) 19.26. L40: C Hale (Vale R) 20.14. L45: S Atkinson (Tattenhall) 20.02. L50: K Forster (Spectrum) 21.06.

Helena Tipping 10k


The Helena Tipping 10k in Wrexham, which has traditionally been held in December, has been switched to a new provisional date of March 30, 2014.

Tryfan Downill


Dark Peak's Mike Robinson claimed his second successive win in the hair-raising Tryfan downhill race, where the low cloud and wet conditions made things even more difficult than usual for the brave competitors.

 Only a handful of runners took on the challenge this year and there were no women entrants.

 Results: 1 M Robinson (Dark Peak, M40) 11.19, 2 P Lambert (Wharfedale, M40) 11.28, 3 G Porter-Jones (Eryri, M40) 13.21. M50: C Atherton (Maldwyn) 14.30. M50: G Gunner (Croft Ambrey) 15.08.

Rockies challenge


Denbigh Harriers Ashley Gauton and Emma Collins, who have both been in good form over the past year, took on a mighty new challenge when they entered the Trans-Rockies event.

 The 120-mile event through the spectacular mountains involved 20,000 feet of climbs.

 Calling themselves The Ancient Britons, the pair entered the category for couples with a combined age of over 80, and out of over 80 teams they came a brilliant fourth with a time of 23 hours 4 minutes 44 seconds.


Meanwhile Eryri Harrier Paul Wathan, now living in Canada, also competed in a very tough ultra- race in the Rockies, the TNF Canadian Death Race. The 125k race involved several severe ascents as well as river crossings, and Wathan finished a highly creditable 30th in 18h 34m 19s.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Athlete's Profile (10)


Gina Paletta

CLUB: Wrexham AC/ University of Portland (Oregon)

AGE AND D.O.B.: 22 (30.8.1990)

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COMPETING: Since I was eight years old, but am new to roads and track as my focus was on the mountains


OTHER HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Travel, blogging and writing

FAVOURITE RACING DISTANCE: 10k but am looking to move up distances soon and eventually to run marathons

FAVOURITE RACE AND WHY: I love going to the Snowdon race each year when home to catch up with other runners and see competitors support each other


PROUDEST MOMENT: Winning the Welsh trial after two fractures to the spine to qualify for the world champs in 2008 (I came 5th eventually), and seeing Mum soaked at the finish.

ANER PERSONAL AMBITIONS: To start on the elite start line at some big-city marathons

ANY REGRETS: No regrets, just lessons that I can learn from

ANY EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCES: Probably, but can't think of anything specific

WHAT CHANGES (IF ANY) WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN THE SPORT: I would like the sport not to be so 'elitist'.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Deestriders' Off-Road (3)


After winning the first two races of the series veteran Lee Jones had to settle for third spot in the third race in Deestriders' Off-Road Grand Prix.

 Victory went to Ricky Challinor, with Mark Williams second. Challinor was one of only three senior men in the first 17 finishers, the rest all being veterans.

1 R Challinor (Liverpool H) 25.13, 2 M Williams (F1 Runners, M40) 25.46, 3 L Jones ( Deeside, M40) 26.04, 4 X Desse (Wirral, M40) 26.13, 5 G Norgrove (Wrecsam Tri, M45) 26.50, 6 J Brown (Buckley, M40) 27.00.
 M35: A Campbell (Wrecsam Tri) 27.57
 M45: 2 G Blackwell (Deeside) 28.40, 3 S Jolley (ua) 33.09
 M50: 1 G Jones (Prestatyn) 28.35, 2 K Challinor (Deeside) 31.47, 3 G Challoner (Wrexham) 32.02
 M55: 1 C Bishop (Helsby) 27.23, 2 T Devoy (Wirral) 29.41, 3 S Bellis (Buckley) 31.34
 M60; 1 D Roderick (Deeside) 34.34, 2 A French (Wrexham) 35.52, 3 D Cowe (Vale R) 45.57
 M65: 1 M Whiteside (Tattenhall)  34.10, 2 J Morris (Buckley) 36.30, 3 S Hatfield (Prestatyn) 37.20
 M70: 1 P Norman (Wrex) 47.20

1 L Grantham (Chester Tri, L35) 31.44, 2 L Morley (Wrex, L40) 32.58, 3 V Whitehead (Denbigh, L40) 35.27, 4 J Penrhyn-Jones (Prestatyn, L50) 36.57, 5 H Evans (ua) 37.34, 6 A Bagnall (Prestatyn, JL) 37.34.
 JL: 2 A Cheetham (Prestatyn) 40.54
 L35: 2 H Ashworth (Prestatyn) 39.30
 L40: 2 J Lewis (Prestatyn) 38.42, 3 C Gates (ua) 42.11
 L50: 2 H Baxandall (Prestatyn) 43.20, 3 J Edwards (NWRR) 48.05)
 L55: 1 A Whitelaw (Wrex) 37.35.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Gladstone 9


On a perfect day for running Eryri's Matt Fortes took seven seconds off the course record for the Gladstone 9 race in the hills above Penmaenmawr. The old record was set by Llyr Pierce (also Eryri) in 2011.

 Just six weeks after the birth of her first child Andrea Rowlands continued her comeback but had to concede victory to Shropshire Shufflers veteran Val Swingler.

 Results (all Eryri unless stated): 1 M Fortes 75.17, 2 H O'Donnell (Ambleside) 77.39, 3 C Near (M40 and first local) 77.56, 4 S Edwards (Buckley, M40) 78.41, 5 J Parkinson (M40) 79.03, 6 C Jones (M40) 79.25.
 M50: 1 P Gardner (WFRA) 88.59, 2 I Edgar 90.17, 3 M Belshaw 90.20
 M60: 1 T Hulme (Wilmslow) 1-42.13, 2 J Morris (Buckley) 1-42.50, 3 W Prooyen (Clwydian) 1-55.43
 M70: E Davies 1-42.14

1 V Swingler (Sh Shufflers, L40) 88.59, 2 A Rowlands 92.00, 3 B Law 97.21, 4 A-M Jones (Altrincham, L60) 1-40.58, 5 J Saunders (Wilmslow, L40) 1-43.08, 6 M Hughes (Eryri) 1-44.10.
 L50: E Salisbury 1-50.37


Welsh 5k champs


Bro Dysynni's super-vet Brenda Jones once again captured the L70 title at the Welsh 5k championships in Llanelli. The 72-year-old finished in 27.51.

 In the men's race, which was won by Swansea's Marc Hobbs in 15.08, former Maldwyn athlete Gwynant Jones (now Cardiff) finished eighth in 16.07 and was second U20.

World Mountain Trials


Two members of Eryri Harriers have gained selection for the GB team for next month's World Mountain Running Championships in Poland.

 At the trials in Whinlatter Forest, Cumbria, Rob Samuel turned in a scintillating performance to win the race and also secure the British Athletics Mountain Running Championship.

 On the first lap of the 14.4k course England's Chris Smith pushed the pace with Snowdon race six-times winner Andi Jones close at hand, but on the second lap Smith faded. Rob moved into the lead and held onto it to win in 59.11, with Jones 27 seconds behind. In fifth place was former Bangor student and Rob's ex-training partner Nick Swinburn.

 In the junior men's race (9.6k, 500m) Eryri's Nathan Jones renewed his battle with the Calder Valley pair of Bradley Travis and Max Wharton, whom he has beaten in the past. This time the two English lads got the better of him but Nathan did enough to gain selection in third place.

 Another former Eryri athlete, Lydia Sharpe (now Gateshead) finished fourth in the junior women's race.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Vale of Clwyd 5k


Wrecsam Tri's Helen Davies, who has competed in only a handful of races in the past year, set a new ladies' record in the Vale of Clwyd 5k in Llandyrnog, where she finished fifth overall.

 Just behind her was former Wrexham AC colleague Lynne Wright (nee Maddison).

 The race winner was veteran Darren Blazier, who finished 21 seconds clear of runner-up Craig Davies (Deestriders). The first seven finishers were all veterans.

 Results: 1 D Blazier (Abergele, M40) 17.27, 2 C Davies (Deestriders, M40) 17.48, 3 D Gilbert (Buckley, M40) 18.22, 4 V Belshaw (Denbigh, M50) 18.52, 5 H Davies (Wrecsam Tri, L40) 18.58, 6 L Wright (Clwydian, L40) 19.08, 7 D Baugh (Denbigh, M50)  19.26, 8 N Jones (Colwyn Bay) 19.58.

 M50: 3 T Benton (Denbigh) 20.44.
 M60: 1 DA Jones (Denbigh) 22.31, 2 G Shone (Abergele) 22.35, 3 R Neale (Denbigh) 22.48.
 M70: 1 J Proffitt (Clowne RR) 24.51, 2 R Birch (Denbigh) 28.35, 3 B Jackson (Meirionnydd) 32.42

 Ladies: 1 Davies, 2 Wright, 3 R Pierce (Denbigh) 20.22, 4 M Dowell Jones (Colwyn Bay) 21.52, 5 N Cane (Prestatyn) 22.25, 6 C Birch (Abergele, L60) 23.31.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Wales take team bronze


Mercia's Andrew Davies, who has been in scintillating form recently, claimed his most prestigious result yet when he finished second in the World Long-Distance Mountain-Running Championship in Szlarska Poreba, Poland.

 His brilliant performance, backed by his brother Tim and Richard Roberts, earned Wales an outstanding third place behind Italy and the Czech Republic, beating the USA into fourth.

 The race, which attracted entries from 22 countries, was won by Mitja Kosovelj (Slovenia).

 The Welsh placings were: 2 Andrew Davies 3-13.39, 17 Tim Davies 3-35.52, 24 Richard Roberts 3-41.37, 40 Glyn Griffin 3-58.01, 89 Matthew Roberts 4-28.28, 259 Richard Evans 5-33.52

 Ladies: 21 Anna Bartlett 4-27.45, 23 Jackie Lee 4-31.53